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             Welcome to the Wild Side of Rescue ! 


The Last Resort Wildlife Refuge is a NJ state licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility and nature preserve in West Milford NJ. Our rescue facility sits on almost 80 acres of preserved and protected forest, an ideal environment for all the stages of rehabilitation in a supportive natural environment. We rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife, provide medical attention, veterinary care, neonatal care and often round the clock nursing care to our more ccritical patients. Our dedicated team strives to meet all of their needs through every stage of rehabilitation and provides daily enrichment to equip all of our wild patients with the skills and tools needed to be successfully released or reintroduced back into their native environment. In rare cases, to provide sanctuary for those few, who, for one reason or another, cannot be released. We are a NJ 501c3 Non Profit Organization and we receive no state or federal funding. We rely on donations and community support to continue saving lives continue educational programs within the community.
The Last Resort Rescue and Wildlife Refuge was founded by and is directed by Nancy Warner, a 30 yr veterinary nurse and NJ licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. The Last Resort Rescue’s amazing team also rescues, rehabs and rehomes orphaned, abandoned, injured, and homeless dogs, cats, horses, pigs and even exotic pets through a network of private foster homes. We have rescued, rehabbed and rehomed over 4700 beautiful souls through our adoption program into screened approved forever homes.

UPDATE! 1/1/20 

GREAT NEWS!! While our new facility undergoes the enormous amount of crucial repairs and restorations needed to accommodate the needs, we are hard at work preparing for the spring wildlife season.  We are in the process of setting up our neonatal  orphanage and infirmary ward for spring  intake which usually start in March.  We have had our state inspection and  will be operational for limited intake of  injured and orphaned wildlife for Spring 2020!!   

Our President and Medical Directer, Nancy, is a 30 year vet tech and  NJ state licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  This wildlife rehab sanctuary has been a long time goal and its finally here!! We are so excited to finally have the ideal opportunity to extend our  knowledge, resources and efforts to our  more wild friends who truly need our help!!  To provide Sanctuary to those who are  truly unreleasable on a protected conservation property that encompasses almost 80 acres of woodlands. Surrounded by even more protected area. 

We expect the initial repairs and renovations will take at  least 2 years.  It will continue to evolve as time , resources  and man power allow.  In the future we  intend to provide educational programs, class trips, volunteering opportunities, apprenticeships, wildlife and conservation related seminar's and  other animal and wildlife related workshops and activities within the community . 

We need volunteers!  We need your support! It takes a village! 

We want to create a better future for ALL animals! 

Welcome to the Wild Side!! 



The Last Resort is group of  dedicated volunteers, working as a team. focused on saving lives while  continuing to build a solid foundation which will hopefully ensure we were able to continue saving as many lives as possible,  for many years to come!  We officially incorporated as a 501c3 NJ non profit rescue organization  over a decade ago.  
Since that time we have successfully rescued, rehabbed, and rehomed  over 3000 souls. 

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire an 80 acre property and facility on preserved land ideal for the needs of our rescue facility and future wildlife sanctuary / preserve.
Also to protect existing wildlife. Like Bear, deer and other forest dwellers. The property is currently being heavily utilized for hunting and provides access to many many more acres of forest for hunting. Once we are able to secure the funds needed, we will immediately cease and desist any and all hunting activity FOREVER. This will protect and preserve this land and the wildlife who reside on it. We will immediately begin development of the wildlife rehab and sanctuary and our rescue HQ facility.

Currently valued at over 2 million dollars. But only available to a suitable NJ non Profit Org like us! We can attain the entire compound and 80 acres if we raised just $150K !! 

It takes a village... YOU are our village and we NEED YOU NOW!!!

We have 15,000 followers here.
If every person reading this post donated just $10, we could make this dream a reality right now!!!!

So please we are begging you, for the sake of the animals, please forfeit your morning coffee for a day or two and donate that money for the animals we'll save!

We cannot reveal the exact location quite yet for legal reasons. However here are some photos of The Last Resort Rescue's future forever home!!

Please PLEASE donate and SHARE!
If for any reason we cannot raise enough and this deal falls through ALL funds donated towards it will remain allocated for purchasing a comparable property..

The animals need us!!

Can also mail donations to
The Last Resort
PO box 182
Hewitt NJ

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NOW IS THE TIME! We are ready! And with YOUR help, WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

All donations are tax deductible!! 
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Donations can be made  through our facebook page ( facebook verified charity) 

Mailed to 
The Last Resort Rescue 
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The Last Resort
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