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Who We Are

Here at The Last Resort our dedicated team works together, combining our skills and love for animals to provide safe haven to so many animals in need.

Now, more than ever, the economic crisis has left the shelters dangerously overcrowded and hundreds of dogs are being killed every day simply because there is no room!

We dedicate all of our time, money and energy to saving the lives of these wonderful animals.

We open our own hearts and homes every day to dogs that would otherwise be killed and even sometimes "gassed" in High Kill Shelters .

With the help of our wonderful volunteers and foster families, we have saved many animals, but it is not enough. There are literally thousands of  animals suffering at the hands of ignorance and being put to death inhumanely every single day. We only wish we could save them all!

We are in desperate need of foster homes.  Currently we run everything out of our own homes and foster homes and we are completely FULL! The only way for us to save more dogs is if we have somewhere they can go. We like the idea of a foster home rather than being in the kennel facility as the dogs are always in a home environment rather than a kennel and we can evaluate them more accordingly. If you, or anyone you know would like to become a foster for a dog we saved from death row, please fill out our foster application and we will get right back to you. 

Every day we gain more ground by bridging the gap between animals and humans so that they may live with the love and respect they deserve. 


If you are interested in adopting an animal

or volunteering your time to care for them , please Contact Us