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Since our incorporation in 2008, The Last Resort Rescue has grown into one of the largest and most high volume rescues in the Northeast. We have previously won #1 multiple times in NJ in the national shelter challenge hosted by The Animal Rescue Site. To date, we have rescued, rehabbed and re-homed over 2000 dogs from HIGH KILL animal shelters around the country.


We are a 501C3 non profit organization. We rely on our dedicated, committed volunteers who lend their time and skills to the rescue in order to keep it going. Right now, the demands of rescue far surpass the number of qualified volunteers that we have. We are all becoming totally overwhelmed and really need more good people to help us in order for us to keep saving lives!!!


We need volunteers for many different jobs within the rescue. Even just a couple hours a week is a great help. The more time you can offer, the more lives we can save!


We all have our own individual strengths and weaknesses, talents and skills. And we all contribute to whatever areas our individual skills and talents would be best used. We all have something useful to contribute and together we make a great team !!



1.  Adoption application screeners - Probably the most crucial and most important job of all for the future of the dogs we save. You need to have time to review applications, check references and take notes as you go.  You need to be a really good judge of character and have a good intuition about people in general. You need to be a skeptic:) Basically you need to have time to make these calls, get a sense of the home they have to provide and the people's level of commitment.  You need good instincts to thoroughly screen and accurately place the right dogs with the right people. We can teach you the steps to screening but there is no better qualification than just really good instincts and intuition!  If you have them, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Time requirement would vary on how many applications you screen. Each app takes about 2-3 hours.

2.  Adoption application pre-screeners - This is pretty much the same as the above but you would just make the preliminary calls (calling the landlord if there is one to be sure pets are allowed, calling the vet to make sure all the pets are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on all their vaccines and being given monthly heartworm and flea/tick prevention and then calling their three personal references)  Once that is done, notes would be typed up and sent to the volunteer screening the app. They would then call the applicant.  Time requirement would vary on how many applications you screen. To pre-screen each app, it takes about 1-2 hours.

3.  Vet techs - We are in great need of experienced vet techs who would be able to help us on the days transports come in, making sure they don't  need any additional vaccines, If a heartworm test needs to be done, if the puppies seem dehydrated, subq fluids could be given. Time requirement would be about 2-3 hours on mostly Sundays.  

4.  Transporters - While we do have a transport coordinator who sets up volunteer transports all the way from AL or GA almost every weekend, we need more transporters to help with getting our dogs who are currently in NJ to the adoption events. Whether it be picking them up from their foster home or boarding, as I said earlier, we like ALL our dogs to be at each event, so the more people we have helping get them there, the more can come :)  We also need sometimes to get a dog to Maine for example.  We have adopters from all over and once they are approved and their home visit has been done, we need to get the dog to them, so for those of you who like road trips, you would love this because you get to spend some alone time with a doggie going to a new home :) Time requirement would be a few hours on the weekend. 

5.  Dog Trainers - We have two great trainers on staff but they are so busy screening applications and handling the medical that they are unable to concentrate on the training. As you can imagine, this is not nearly enough to cover all the minor and sometime major behavioral issues and advice that adopters and fosters need to continue to give the dogs proper guidance. We need people who have solid experience and knowledge of dog training and can help by offering time and advice for problematic dogs and their charges.  Time requirement varies

6.  Event/volunteer coordinator - This would be someone who would set up adoption events by calling the location and setting a date and time up.  Once the date is confirmed, our foster coordinator would reach out to our fosters to let them know.  Then what the event/volunteer coordinator would do is respond to all of the volunteer offers to coordinate which dogs they can pick up, who can handle which dog and how many dogs will be at the event.  Time requirement is about 4-5 hours  per week.

7.  Fundraising Coordinators - To set up 1-2 huge events per year.  We also need other people who could focus on smaller events so we can have them more often and also help our "large" coordinators in planning and working on the bigger events.  Time requirement varies

8. Foster Coordinator - Basically, what this consists of is screening foster applications, staying in touch with our approved foster homes to be sure their needs are met (food, crates, monthly frontline/heartgard, vetting, medicine, etc) as well as communicating with them about upcoming adoption events and making matches with them on their next foster animal. Time requirement is maybe 10-15 hours a week (if that).

9. Foster homes with no dogs - I know this is a toughy because most fosters have their own dogs but this is why it is so very much needed.  We have right now about 8 dogs in boarding because they are not dog-friendly.  We would really love to see them thrive in a home rather than spend their entire day in a kennel :(  If you are someone who loves dogs but can't take on the responsibility of adopting one, this is your calling!!!  

General volunteers 
Mostly for general assistance at events and adoption days to help with various things. This can be as rare as once every couple months or as often as weekly if you can offer that much time, whatever time you can contribute.

Thank you all for reading this! If you can help in any of the areas above, please contact us right away at!!!



The Last Resort Team