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                 The Future Home of The Last Resort!


ANSWER THIS QUESTION: If you saw an animal suffering, dying, needing your help urgently and you could save them with just $5, and 5 minutes of your time, would you do it?  If the answer is" Yes!"  please keep reading! 
That is literally all it would take for you to save a life, RIGHT NOW, TODAY and ensure that many more are saved in the future.   

The Last Resort Rescue was formed over two decades ago, before social media, before the internet was commonplace in our homes.  
Rescuing dogs, cats, horses and rehabbing local wildlife. Some sick, injured, abused, neglected, homeless, abandoned or sitting on death row. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of animals in critical need of our help every day, we came together and overcame many hurdles to save as many as possible every day. It truly takes a village. 
The Last Resort is group of committed volunteers, working as a team. Focused on building a solid foundation that will hopefully ensure we were able to continue saving as many lives as possible, every,  for many years to come!  We officially incorporated as a 501c3 NJ non profit rescue organization more than 10 years ago. 
Since that time we have successfully rescued, rehabbed, and rehomed <3 <3 OVER 3 THOUSAND <3 <3 beautiful souls! 

Our goal is and has always been to remain foster based, but also to obtain a property that meets all the many needs of a growing rescue organization and refuge.  In the past, we started raising money for a local property that was perfect for our needs!! Sadly, we could raise enough in time and we were only still building our core team. So instead we leased a large private home & property which served for many years as a "group home" for some of our needier pups. With a live in caretaker and volunteers in and out every day working one on one with these dogs. In A HOME environment. This house and property also included our office, a storage area and large fenced area outside for playtime, exercise and socialization. It served as our private adoption center, the first stop for the dogs arriving on transport the feel safe and meet their new foster family.  It enabled us to save SO many more lives during that time. Sadly that property was sold to a local investor and we had to move. We remain committed to obtaining a facility that will be The Last Resort's permanent home. A true safe haven for all animals, a wildlife refuge, a rehab and recovery center, a group home. 

Its official! The Last Resort Rescue, is looking for a forever home! 
WE NEED EVERYONE'S help to make this happen. We have seen many local properties for sale recently, some in foreclosure, some needing minor repair, but ALL that would meet all of the criteria of the rescue's future facility. Until we can raise the funds, we are limited to foster homes. And animals are dying. 
We recently won the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter challenge for NJ, we were awarded $1000 last month. We will be putting those funds in a seperate account for this future goal. 

I ask Again, Would you spare just $5 and 5 minutes, if it meant literally saving the life of an innocent animal and ensuring they live a happy life? 
Please dont assume that others will donate and that your $5 doesnt make a difference! IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! 

We currently have 15K followers. 
FACT: IF EACH OF YOU donated just $5 we would have enough for the down payment, and if you then shared this post, and even one of your friends donated $5 and shared the post, TOGETHER we could raise enough money to buy a facility!! 
We have the manpower, the skills and the drive. We have volunteers in construction to modify the property as needed.  We just need the funds to support it. 
Our goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase a suitable property that will be the rescue's permanent home.  

NOW IS THE TIME! We are ready! And with YOUR help, WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

All donations are tax deductible!! 
EIN 29-2985185
Donations can be made  through our facebook page ( facebook verified charity) 

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The Last Resort Rescue 
PO BOX 182 
Hewitt NJ 07421 

The Last Resort
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