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Our amazing Volunteers ! 

Nancy Warner 

Our President and Founder 

Nancy has been a Veterinary Technician and Animal Rescuer for over 25 years. 

From a young age, it was clear that she had a divine connection with all creatures great and small. She has been rescuing rehabbing and protecting them all since she was a child.

A vet tech and wildlife rehabber for almost 3 decades.  She started rescuing dogs and horses out of her home in the early 90's.  Nancy has dedicated the last 3 decades to the welfare and well-being of ALL animals and has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that all the animals in our charge get the care and rehabilitation they so desperately need and deserve. She started building a small network of animal lovers out of her home. She would often get a call in the wee hours of the morning from a kill shelter about an animal on death row with the person on the other line saying "your'e my last resort"!!  

                                                                                                 Hence In 2007 The Last Resort was born! 

Janice Knapp 

Foster Coordinator / Trainer 

Janice has been a volunteer with our rescue in many forms for many years. From fostering multiple dogs, to unexpected roadside rescues, to random road trips to bring dogs to safety!! Janice helps us screen applications and leads our team of fosters. With a get-er-done attitude and fearless rescue spirit. She is a true Rescue warrior ! And we are so very grateful to have her on the team!! 

Jen Lubeck

Adoptions Coordinator

Jennifer has been a member of the team ever since she adopted her first Last Resort pup in 2013. Now i believe in universal intervention and it was at play that day for sure.  It was immediately clear that Jen and her hubby Jason were not your typical adopters, they are rescuers through and through! From fostering dozens of dogs, to transports, to helping us save so many lives!! 

We are so grateful and blessed to have them both on our team! 

Carolyn and Dean Nasson 

Carolyn is our transport coordinator and ensures the safety of our fur babies on their journey to the rescue team. Long time volunteers for the Last Resort. Carolyn and Dean have helped us save so many lives over the years ! Always ready and willing to sacrifice their weekend to help transport pups far and wide to get to the safety of their new foster and adoptive homes.  Or donating an entire Saturday driving to some remote location to do a home visit so that a pup can finally start their happily ever after. They are always willing to help whenever and however they can. You would be hard pressed to find to kinder, more stellar humans !!! 

Linda Newton 

Linda adopted her dog Mickey from our rescue many years ago. After learning about our rescue efforts she wanted to help. She is a long time volunteer with The Last Resort. Linda is our fundraising coordinator and works very hard orchestrating fundraising events that enable us to continue saving more lives. Linda loves to create new and different fundraising ideas. She prefers to get hands on with the dogs and loves the events where our adoptable dogs can attend, helping them get the much needed exposure they need to find their forever homes. 

Marissa Olsen 

Marissa is A rock star ! Aside from a legal career and a busy mom, Marissa has fostered so many dogs for our rescue. She opens her own home many weekends to manage and facilitate transports with dogs arriving from other states so that they can meet their new foster and forever homes here in NJ. Marissa Is also our volunteer legal council. Her 2 daughters, rescuers in the making, help her with the dogs and rescue projects!! We are lucky to have her on our team and appreciate ALL that she does for us and the dogs !!  

The Last Resort Established July 2008