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 Boo Boo (Adopted 2009)










 Odin (Adopted 2009)









 Solomon/Mulligan (Adopted 2009)




 Monty (Adopted 2009)


Monty and his boy! 



Cailee (Adopted 2009)



Just wanted to send some photos of Cailee's 1st hike. She was a trooper. Tackled the trail like a pro. The last photo is the way home she was trying to stay awake and her nose barely fit on the center console, so cute. 

Best Wishes,










 Liberty/Star (Adopted 2009)






 Coogan/Nikita (Adopted 2009)









 Cole/Baloo (Adopted 2009)







 Joseph (Adopted 2009)







 Tater Tot (Adopted 2009)


Hi Sam, Tater is helping me rear a baby squirrel. It fell down my friends chimney, and mom was no where to be found. Tater loves it. Enjoy. 



 Tasche (Adopted 2009)


















Petunia/Savanna (Adopted 2009)



Hi Nancy,

She's doing so well! Attached is a picture of her in her new backyard. She is resting now- we've been giving her lots of love and a cool dark quiet house to sleep in. We love her to pieces.

Thank you so, so much- we'll be in touch!

Wendy, Justin, & Petunia


 Clyde (Adopted 2009)




Jonah/Monty (Adopted 2009)







 See more great pictures of Jonah/Monty in his forever home here




Dusty & Sierra (Adopted 2009)













 Harry (Adopted 2009)




 Little John/Dunkin (Adopted 2009)






Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to touch base with you and again send our most heartfelt thanks for saving Little John - now Dunkin.  (my younger son named him since the coffee cups were on the kitchen table when they were introduced) Within 24 hours this dog just moved right into our home and hearts. Especially with my husband who didn't even know he was coming!

We only wish we knew more of his story and his original name.  He would be at 100% instead of the 99.9% he is now.  I feel bad because someone must be missing him terribly.  He is extremely well behaved and trained and someone put alot of time and love into him.  Hopefully our family can do the same.

He is my walking partner in the morning, late afternoon, and evening and can seem to never get enough.  The boys have also taken quite a liking to him and are always showing him off to their friends.

He is a great campion and has added alot to our home.

I'm attaching a pic of him in the yard. He loves to hang out in the outdoors.

I'm hoping to continue with some kind of form of animal rescue in the future and am promoting this to anyone who will listen!  Continued good luck and much thanks for all you do in the animal community.





 Neiko (Adopted 2009)








 Ginny (Adopted 2009)









 Sarah/Mollie (Adopted 2009)




Hello Michelle and all,

Mollie is feeling quite comfortable these days.. Well guess she does not like pink pillows... thats ok neither does Phil.... ah yes work in progress... thought you'd like to see some pics...a few pics, I will send some more.  Take care, Nan 







 Bailey (Adopted 2009)







 Bella (Adopted 2009)




 Tasche (Adopted 2009)











 Amber (Adopted 2009)


Dear Sam,

Today was the last day of obedience school.  AMBER WON FIRST PLACE.  There were 11 other dogs.  She was the only mixed breed and we won!.  I am so excited.  We did a rally course and it was for points and speed.  It was a tie between Amber and a german shepherd (whose owner is a professional dog handler).  We had to go a second time and we got 100% and won. 

How’s that for a rescue dog???!!!!. 

She is doing beautifully and we just love her.


Linda and the girls.




 Samson & Sami (Adopted 2009)


 Hello and thank you all so very much who were involved in bringing me my two precious babies.   I lost my 14-1/2 year old boy in January and thought for sure that I would never be able to fill the void that his loss left with me, but low and behold, first I found my little Buddy, now 6-1/2 month old Lab mix that I rescued in late January and last month all of you brought me not one new addition, but two of the most precious new additions to our family.   The three of them are inseparable.  They truly are brothers and sisters.   Words cannot thank all of you for the wonderful, caring work that you do for all the innocent neglected animals out there, but please again except my many, many thanks for making my family complete. I will keep everyone updated with Samson and Sami’s new found journey with Buddy, my 2 cats (Casper & Chloe), my horse (Commanche – 33 yrs this month) my sheep and of course, me. 



Bruce/Cole (Adopted 2009)












 Bruce/Cole (Adopted 2009)




Hi there! Here are a few pictures of James and Bruce playing in the yard. He's such a sweetie- he reminds us sooo much of James' first german shepherd....pretty funny!





 Faelan (Adopted 2009)



Faelan is a dream...So, SO Sweet!

Lots of mischief too but always with a
smile on her face :)
We will never be able to Thank You
enough for bringing her to us!
Can't imagine life without her!!!!!
Take good care of yourself, Donna