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                                  Our Happy Tails

This webpage is dedicated to all the people who have decided to rescue their pet rather than buy while shelter pets die!

Below are updates on furbabies that have been adopted through The Last Resort.





Tater Tot (Adopted 2009)

Tater tot listening to adult conversation.




Tater tot on guard duty.


Jaeger & Hulk (Adopted 2009)


Hi Nancy and Michelle!
   Here are some pictures for you of the boys. They are the best dogs!!!! We are enjoying every minute with them. They are doing really well with the house training. They are now sleeping in their own crates in the kitchen. Jaeger (Jordy) cries for a little but then eventually gives up. The fence is being installed next week which we can't wait for them to be able to run around. In the meantime, we have been taking them to the dog park and friends' houses with fences. We are having a blast and think everyday how lucky we are to have them. Thank you for the best gifts Ryan and I have ever received! I can't wait to be home in the summer to be with them all day!

If it wasn't for your mission, we wouldn't have our boys!  Thank you!!!!

Lauren and Ryan





Harry (Adopted 2009)




Boo Boo (Adopted 2009)


Tater Tot (Adopted 2009)



Sophie (Adopted 2009)







Samson & Samantha (adopted 2009)



Good morning Samantha,
Well as the story goes Buddy, Sampson and Samantha have been having the times of their lives.   Play, play, play, eat, sleep, play, play, play and of course in between each of every phase, lots and lots of kisses.    Buddy has just become so attached to both of them as well as they have to him.  It’s literally a three ring circus.   They run around the yard with one in the lead and the other two chasing and then switch and the other two take the lead.    They have been wonderful as far as housebreaking, they have only had 1 mishap and that’s just remarkable.   They go nite-nite when Buddy and I go to bed and they sleep right through the night until I get up at 6:30 and then the fun begins.    I weighed Samson this morning and he weighs 28 lbs. already, little Samantha weighs in at 20 lbs. and growing.    I’ve been working one on one with them to get the “sit” and they are coming along.
They have discovered how much fun it is to have toys and lots and lots of toys.   Samson’s favorites are a hedgehog that makes a grunting sound and a ball that has rabbit ears and squeaks (and a little yellow hammer that squeaks.    Samantha loves her little blue ball that squeaks real loud and a pink frisbie that squeaks.   These are their top favorites but there are so many to choose from that it’s way too difficult to have favorites.   My 14 yr. old that I lost in January was very, very spoiled and as such these three have inherited all his toys (50+).   My friend always tell me that they want to come back to this world as my pet, me too.   We have such a short time with them as it is so they should have the very best we can give them while they fill our lives with such joy and never ask for more than something to eat and drink and give us love, love, love.
Just in case you couldn’t tell I’m very very much leaning towards keeping both of them as I just can’t see separating them now and Buddy really does love both of them, they keep him on his toes and they are so much company for both of us.   If I should decide to keep both of them, what do we need to do, and when do you need to know by?    

We all want say thank you for everything that you folks do for all of us guys out there.   without people like you, we wouldn’t be here.    Keep up the good work.   
Debbie, Buddy, Samson, Samantha & Commanche, plus cats Chloe and Casper (my 2 abandoned cats that I took in) 




Milo (Adopted 2009)





Ceasar & Gus (Adopted 2009) 




Cooper (Adopted 2008) 



Chase (Adopted 2009)



Faelan (Adopted 2009)


Dear Aunt Samantha,
You may have noticed I've been quite patient with the new little sister you brought me a few months ago as evidenced by the fact that SHE is emailing you ALL the time with her bratty complaints while I remain calm and relaxed.
I do HOWEVER draw the line at her chewing holes in our swimming pool!  Mom says that it's not a problem - easy to buy a new one but I say poppycock!!!
 I've had that pool for two years and although I chew the sides ~ what on earth possessed Faelan to chew the BOTTOM???? You can't put WATER in it anymore!!!!!
As a matter of fact she's been getting into everything and I don't buy that lecture I keep getting about how this is the first time she ever had a chance to be a puppy and we should let her be who she is. How is she supposed to learn THAT way???
Mom and Dad bought us a couch for the back porch. It's very comfy. Sometimes Faelan sits with a bone or a toy and behaves like a lady. Next thing you know the cushions are gone!
Spread all over the back yard!!! Faelan says that she is just trying to make the yard more comfy. Mom says she's not ripping them to bits so I should be grateful.
Geezzzz how can a Sibe get a break around here????
Thanks for letting me vent,
Love, Taegan
 (Faelan's sister)


Tater Tot (Adopted 2008)


Hi Nancy and Sam, Just an update on Tater Tot. She continues to bloom in our hearts (and bed). She has learned to be a really good swimmer, outpacing her sister. She isnt a very fast dog but she is determined. ONce she puts her mind to something, she gets it done. Shes extremely intellegent, sweet, loyal and isnt fond of strangers around her family and house. And isnt that what you want in your companion. Until she sees they are friends, then she just watches them. She is so tolerant. Sometimes when she is sleeping on the couch, Alley will sit right on her, looking out the window. She never stirs. You might hear her sigh, but thats all.I wear my Last Resort Tshirt with pride educating people about saving a life. Thanks again for all you do, and remember, if there is anything I can do down here, please let me know.

With Luv, Sharon, Paul, Alley cat and Tater tot.

Shanti (Adopted 2009)




Wyatt/Jonas (Adopted 2009)


To see more picutres of Wyatt in his new home, please click here



Faelan (Adopted 2009)


Dear Aunt Samantha,
Mom says it's going to be a LONG rainy week at our house...
I say getting all muddy and then playing Furniture Olympics is FUN!
Who's right?
Your assistance regarding this matter will be very much appreciated.
Love, Faelan


Kamu (Adopted 2009)




Mike & Ike (Adopted 2009)


Amethyst (Adopted 2009)




Faelan (Adopted 2009)


Aunt Samantha,
Nooooooow I get what we are supposed to do in the big blue water bowl.

Please disregard my last email.
Love, Faelan


Hudson (Adopted 2009)




Faelan (Adopted 2009)



Bruin (Adopted 2009)


Bruin graduating obedience school tonight, top of his class !!!!



Faelan (Adopted 2009)


Dear Aunt Samantha,
Why is dad filling a Giantnormous blue bowl with water?
I'm not THAT thirsty!

Love, Faelan



Sophie/Pebbles (Adopted 2009)


Nancy, When Willy died suddenly and unexpected he left a very large hole in our hearts and in our family.  We never expected to find a dog to fill that emptiness.  We cannot thank you enough for finding Sophie.  She is an amazing dog.  She has quickly become a family member and we cannot image life without her.  She is the definition of a 'gentle giant'.  She has gained 10 pounds since we adopted her and is filling out very nicely for a full figured girl.  Thank you for the miracles that you perform. 
I have attached some photos we took today outside.  We'd be honored if you would post them on your "Success Story Page" of your website.   If you can't that's ok too. Just want you to know that Sophie is amazing and wonderful.



Amber (Adopted 2009)




AJ (Adopted 2009)



Jake (Adopted 2009)


Chance (Adopted 2009)




Buddy (Adopted 2009)




Belle (Adopted 2009)



Benny & Bruno (Adopted 2009) 

After adopting our first lab mix puppy, Bogey, in December, we were anxiously looking for a second addition to our family.  After many searches on Petfinder, going to Adoption Days, and endless applications, we saw Benny--a 4 yr old yellow lab on The Last Resort web site.  Just from his photo we fell in love!  He had eyes that said "Please, I want a forever home".  I'm a volunteer for Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports, and after a 2 week delay, he finally came up north on a transport that I was picking up.  Exictedly, it was way past 11pm when I saw him in the backseat of a large Ford Expedition.  He wiggled his butt, wagging his tail when I told him "You're going home with me!".  But, like most rescue dogs, he was afraid to jump out of the truck, so I had a little help getting his 70 lbs out of there and into my front seat.  He laid his head on my lap the whole drive home.  And wow--what a greeting he got from Bogey!  Love at first site and somebody to play with!
Our THIRD fur kid also came from The Last Resort--however unexpected!  I got an emergency call from Nancy asking if I could go pick up what I thought she said was a lab puppy (HA) and keep him as a foster for a few days until she did a home visit for a potential adopter.  I said SURE (I'm a sucker for labs!).  Well, when the transport driver's car opened and I saw 4 crates, I asked which one was my puppy---ha--try a 2 yr old 70 lb Chocolate Lab mix!  He was so sad, scared, sick and terribly underweight--you could see his ribs & pelvis!  Well, after taking him home, I introduced him to the other two dogs--it was love at first site!  He got tons of kisses and they seemed to know he wasn't feeling well.  They layed by him the whole time he was sick and in their own "doggie" way, took care of him.  My husband and I had a real soft spot for him and fell in love--he fit in so well with the "family" that I called Nancy on Wednesday and asked if we could keep him! our family is complete--Bruno, Benny, and Bogey!  All awesome dogs that we wouldn’t trade for the world!  For anyone considering adoption...they may come to you scared, sick, sad, and have horrible pasts, but if you're patient & loving, they make the BEST family companions!
Hugs to all those at The Last Resort who make this possible!
Kirsten & Mike

Faelan/Freeway (Adopted 2009)


Savannah & Eva (Adopted 2009) 



Coyote/Blue (Adopted 2009)



Nori/Molly (Adopted 2009)




Trace (Adopted 2009)





Beethoven (Adopted 2009)





Faelan/Freeway (Adopted 2009)




Blemie/Scout (Adopted 2009)





Valen (Adopted 2009)


Here are some photos, you can see if you look close at her collar that we got a heart shaped dog tag with her name.  We kept it Valen and she knows it now.  She is a pretty fast learner!  Also, she is good with the neighborhood dogs she doesn't even bark at them.  She sort of howls sometimes, like when our son gets on the bus. 
Thanks so much for bringing her to us!!!!    





Bailee/Reese (Adopted 2009)





Faelan/Freeway (Adopted 2009)




Suzie/Lizzy (Adopted 2009)




Hemi/Ledbetter & Lambeau/Lilly (Adopted 2009)




Arnie (Adopted 2009)






Kirby (Adopted 2009)




Trace (Adopted 2009)




Faelan/Freeway (Adopted 2009)



Benji/Rex (Adopted 2009)


Last Resort,
Thank you so much for recommending such a perfect dog for us.  "Rex" now "Benji" is a wonderful dog and we are having a great time with him.  I hope he is as happy with us as we are with him. 
God bless you for saving all these animals and finding them a better life.  Keep up the good work!!!

Mindy/Ebbie Adopted 2009





AJ/Dozer (Adopted 2009)



Savannah & Eva/Cassie (Adopted 2009)




Faelan/Freeway (Adopted 2009)


 If you flip a lawn chair on its back you get a nice little comfy cushion to sit on while you snack on a bone???

Gotta take a rest after all that work though :)


Hi Samantha,
She Owns us entirely!
We Love her totally!
Can't even get mad at the silly little girl when she gets into mischief :)
And yes the girls are great friends. Taegan now waits until Freeway gets to the back
door before she rings the bell so they can both come in together ~ LOL!
We will never be able to Thank YOU enough!!!

Hi Samantha,
I am SO glad you like her name. Personalized shamrock food bowls, treat jar, and food chair are already on order. PLUS there is a white husky sign on the front door now that says "If you can stand the howls and the hair, we can stand you!"  Yes I am a bit over the top about my girls ~LOL!
Hope all is well with you and your furfamily.
ttys, Donna


Shiloh (Adopted 2009)


Levi (Adopted 2009)


Hi Danielle,
Everything is great with Levi. Erin and I are so happy he is a part of our family, and we can't figure out how we ever lived without him. He's aclimated well to brooklyn living, and has even mastered the spiral stairs. It only took a few days to adjust to walking on the leash and now he's a pro. Levi's made a great first impression with his extended family, especially with his cousins. He's also made some new doggy friends in the neighborhood. We can't thank you and your family enough for the great start you gave Levi. He is a well adjusted, well balanced puppy as a result. We will send some pictures soon.
Thanks again,
Erin and Andrew

Max (Adopted 2008)


This is Max, a happy little puppy!!!!

Bailey (Adopted 2009)



Minnie (Adopted 2009)



Brutus (Adopted 2009)

Hi Samantha,

Brutus is doing really well so far.  We just love him!  I'm at work right now and miss him so much!  I talked to Bruce and he was able to give me some helpful info. 

We took Brutus for a walk right after you left all the way to the lake and back.  He did well on the leash, doesn't pull very much at all which was good. He went to the bathroom as soon as we got back on our property (both).  Then we played with him for the rest of the day.  We gave him 1 cup of food around 5:30 I think and he ate it all.  Then he seemed hungry a little later on so we weren't sure if we should have given him more than 1 cup. (Have any suggestions before we get to the vet?  Bruce said that Brutus didn't necessarily eat a certain amount during the day and a lot of times didn't finish what was in his bowl). He also drank a lot of water throughout the evening...but not one accident! 

Overnight he did well also.  We first wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt by keeping him in our bedroom without being locked in the crate, but he just kept jumping on the bed (which we didn't want to necessarily start with that habit right from the get-go).  So we brought the crate into the bedroom and kept him in there.  He didn't resist very much when I put him in the crate, although once it was bedtime he didn't even want to step foot in the bedroom.  We think he thought we were going to leave him all by himself.  But he layed right down and didn't say a peep all night in the crate.  He does have separation anxiety.  He follows Mike and/or I around all over the place...but it is so cute.  At least that means he likes us!!  :)  I would rather that than he ignore us. 

The only thing was that he didn't eat this morning and also did not poop since the one time Sunday afternoon.  So I am preparing myself for whatever he leaves for me when I get home around 4:00 today. But we left the food downstairs with him so hopefully he will have eaten it by the time I get home.  Maybe it was too early for him to eat and his schedule was out of whack.   We did not leave him locked in the crate today, so he is free to run around that big room downstairs.  We will see how he does.

So all in all things are going great!  Thanks for emailing me too!  I know you must have been curious as to how we did so far. 

Here is a link to a few pictures we took yesterday.  I'll be adding more probably as time goes by.

Talk to you soon! 

Denise, Mike & Brutus

Ebbie/Mindy (Adopted 2009)


Hi Nancy!

Mindy (formerly Ebbie) has been with us 3 weeks tonight! Can't imagine
anymore how it was without her! I note she is still listed as "adoption
pending" on the website. When does she make it to "Happy Tails"?

We've taken photos, but it's been rather busy here and don't have copies
yet--we're not computer photo literate!

She's done very well on the housebreaking--only 4 or 5 "mistakes"--and I
sure wish it wasn't so icy and cold out as I am the primary pooper scooper,
pee patrol person! She actually loves the snow and the cold doesn't bother
her at all. She is definitely more relaxed now--think she realizes she has a
"forever home". She's very good overnight--a blessing! She has grown and now
weighs 32 pounds (she was 28.5 at her first vet visit). She is not
overweight--her ribs are easily felt, but she is making up for lost time!

Keep up your good work!


Benny (Adopted 2009)


HI Everyone....well, I'm the rookie on the team--this was only my second transport.  However, it was EXTRA SPECIAL for me and my husband because we are adopting BENNY (the yellow lab x)!  He is such a sweetie pie!  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all who were involved for delivering our 2nd furkid of the family!
Here are some photos of our two boys--who thoroughly enjoy each others company!  Kirsten

(This email was sent to all the transporters that helped bring Benny from the kill shelter in SC to a forever home in NJ. If you would like to participate in future transports, please email us at - thanks!)


Zach (Adopted 2009)


Zach (that is what we named him) is doing well. He is adapting to indoor living well. We keep him inside except for walks and outdoor play because it is COLD in NJ! He loves snow but he also likes indoor comforts (like couches and beds and water that is not frozen). When he first came, he would scratch the water dish to "get" the water. He does not do that anymore. He now takes food, water and toys for granted. He loves to be petted and playing with Bella.

Thank you for rescuing Zach!


Vitta/Iris (Adopted 2009)



Hi Nancy,

Here are the latest pictures of Iris.  She and Daphne our 15 month old Yellow Lab love to play, as you can see in the pictures.





Hi Nancy,

Iris is doing very well.  She is a very sweet girl.  Her and Daphne are getting along famously, and are best of friends.  I feed them at the same time twice a day, next to each other, and neither one strays to the others bowl.  We make her sit and wait until we tell her OK to eat.  She now knows No, Sit, Stay, Lie Down, and give me five, and is now trained to stay off furniture.  She no longer jumps up when she greets strangers, and we have her barking  under control.  She is very smart, and picks things up quickly.  We still have an occasional accident with her house training, but we are working on her to let us know when she needs to go out. 

On Sunday I gave her a bath, and cleaned her ear out that was bothering her.  She was very good and didn't complain a bit.

We would like to proceed with adopting her for my Mom.  We still have a few more months of training with Iris, but we know she will end up being a great companion for her.  We would also like to take her to see our vet, so we will need her medical history.

Please let me know what we need to do.

Thanks so much,



Savannah & Eva/Cassie (Adopted 2009)

Dear Friends,
 Charlie & I adopted 2 little girls from The Last Resort Rescue. These little girls were found in a locked bathroom ( Truck Stop) in Virginia a few days ago.  Our new Family members!!
Love, Jody & Charlie


Binx (Adopted 2009)


He is sitting in front of the glass doors looking into the back yard waiting
for deer. Last night when I walked him there were a half dozen deer out
there and he nearly took my arm off trying to go after them!

Let him sleep out of the crate last night and he did great. 

Have a nice day.



Hi Samantha-
Binx continues to do great.  He sleeps in his crate all night and has been faithfully doing his business outside.  He doesn't often steal things and when you tell me "not for you" he drops it.  He is a chewer.  He has destroyed 2 of his stuffed toys and ripped a hole in his blanket.  
Thanks for the help.  Have a nice day.


He is doing really great.  He went to get a professional bath and grooming today and did great.  I got him a gentle lead collar today which has completely changed our walks.  My son Daniel was able to take him out and run with him in the yard.  They had such a great time. 
Have a nice night.



Just thought I would let you know that Binx is doing well.  He had a good night yesterday.  We gave him a bath cause he was a stinky boy, and though he did not love going into the bathtub, he was very well behaved.  He only had one accident in the house, which is my fault since I was not paying attention, but he did his business outside today and slept in his crate all night without a fuss.  I took him on a long walk this am to get our some of his energy and he is sleeping on the floor near me. 
He is quite strong, something I was not expecting.  Any advise on leash training would be appreciated.  He does listen very well so I am confident he will learn quickly.
Have a nice day

Luke (Adopted 2008)


Hey Sam,
       We took Luke down to a freinds to play the other day.  I thought you would like to see the pictures.  He had so much fun!!






 Naylah (Adopted 2008)



Kyah (Adopted 2008)



Kyah is adjusting well.  She absolutely loved the snow this past weekend.  The kids played with her in the backyard and she was running in circles.    She loves her belly rubbed--she is really such a nice dog. 
Hope you have a nice X-mas,


Hi Samantha,
Thanks for faxing over her vaccination certificate.  Everything is going well with Kyah---she is a very sweet dog and the whole family loves her!!  The kids have been playing with her in the yard--she likes to fetch a ball.  The cats are still adjusting--Kyah barks and wags her tail when she see them.   She loves her belly rubbed and she give many kisses. 
Lisa and family

Beau (Adopted 2008)


Happy Holidays Nancy!
I wanted to let you know that Beau is settling in very nicely.  We picked him up yesterday from Danielle's and he has taken to us really well (and we to him!).  He is everything that Danielle said he would be - calm, loving, and so far he hasn't chewed anything!  He slept on our bed with us last night and he loves the sofas.  We had him out for a walk and are teaching him to chase a ball and bring it back to us. 
Thank you so much for rescuing him - he is beautiful and amazing!
I'll be in touch.


Cody/Brody (Adopted 2008)




Heidi (Adopted 2008)



Hi Nancy! Heidi is doing well. She is finally eating EVO canned & kibble (with a little chicken mixed in)! She is a little "stinky" I guess from the change in food (gas), and had a bit of a runny stool at first.

She is sleeping well through the night, mainly w/my daughter on her bed. She has even come to work with us. She loved that, all of the people in & out etc... She was a big hit!

Thunder seems happy to have a friend, but gets a little jealous at times (he did that with my other two also, he is just very needy)! They were both out earlier in the snow storm playing. It was very cute. Neither of them wanted to come in! She was supposed to go to the groomer today, but obviously with the storm, I had to cancel. Hopefully I can get her there next week. 

I spoke with her owner Marsha the other day. She seemed happy about her being here, but of course really misses her.  As much as we love her, I wouldn't mind seeing her be able to be reunited with them someday! 

Thanks! I will be in touch....




Maggie/Purdee (Adopted 2008)



Thanks Samantha!  You should be getting the adoption contract & fee any day now (if you haven't gotten it already).

She is doing great.  She has become such a lovable little girl.   I took her to my vet today so I could have her checked out & on heartworm meds.  All is well.  Everyone there LOVED her.  Even the doctor said I got a good one lol.  She was so good.  Just stood there while he listened to her heart,etc. 

Happy New Year to you too!  Give my best to Nancy as well.



Oh you're welcome!   We are so happy to have her and she is so happy here too.   She's become quite the little tough girl too.   She reminds me so much of my oldest one, it's so funny.   And of course she's getting a new bone, toy & treats tomorrow!  We are taking her tonight to Christmas Eve dinner at my nieces house & she has a 7 month old Boston Terrier (they've met a few times already & LOVE each other) so I am bringing my camera.   I'll send some more updated pictures after the holiday.

Thanks again....we just love her!


She is doing so good.   She's such a sweetheart.  She has gotten very at home too!   I am attaching a few pics.   The one with Haley she had just gotten a bath (she decided to go a little crazy in the back yard, she LOVES to run!)  We just love her though.  She has gotten very attached to me as well, follows me all over.  She's done very well with going outside to go to the bathroom, only had 2 accidents in the house.   I have found that she's afraid of the vaccuum, the pic of her behind the pillow on the couch is where she hid when I turned it on.

I will make sure I get the paperwork right back to you!  

Thanks so much Samantha & please forward the pics too to her foster family...I can tell they were getting attached to her (it's hard not too)



Hi Nancy.  We just love Purdee (we are calling her Maggie now).   She is adjusting so well and is so happy. 

Just let me know when you want the paperwork done.  I  know it's just before the holidays & everyone's busy but I will make sure I get my end done whenever you need me to.  We just want to make her officially ours.  I'd like to get her vet records too so that I can get her to my vet & get her on her monthly heartworm preventative. 

Thanks again so much.   She is such a good little girl!  Mandy  


Hi Nancy.  Just wanted to give you a quick update.  She is wonderful.  First I was amazed how she just layed in the backseat for a 3 hour drive!  We got home around 10 pm, my older one is dealing, just crying & being obnoxious self ;-) .  My younger one is great with her.   She did great last night.  This am I took her into work with me.  She just loves everyone and is so easygoing.  We love her already.   Tyler tells me she's 75% his & 25% mine.  You can just tell what a good dog she is.  We are already spoiling her!

Just let me know what I need to do about all the paperwork & everything.  

Thanks again! 


P.S.  I'll send some pics soon.  I took some on my phone but want to get some on my camera. 




Roscoe (Adopted 2008)






Hi Samantha.
I got old fashioned pictures back today from Costco and great shots of Roscoe which I am putting in the mail tomorrow morning for you.  I don't know why I have a mental block with the digital technology.  You're's got to be easy.  I am amazed at Roscoe's fascination with the car.  I can't take groceries out without him jumping right in and wanting to stay there.  You'll see a picture where he was enjoying his rest in the passenger seat.  I unpacked the groceries, kept checking on him for almost half an hour....happy as could be lounging in there.  His previous people must have taken him in the car frequently.  He's an outstanding addition to the pack!



Hi Samantha.  

Our guy Roscoe just keeps getting better and better.  Bob had a pal over at lunchtime, and Roscoe laid at his feet with his head on the guy's leg.   He certainly is wiggling his way into everyone's heart.  Still a lot of fun and youthful so he was a big help to us lately.  
Take care.


Hi Samantha.  I hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!
Just an update on our guy Roscoe.  After 3.5 weeks, he is climbing the pack hierarchy and now at #2 out of 4.  Every toy we ever had in this house has the stuffing and squeaker pulled out.  He's got a pile of odd-looking shells of former toys in his little corner.  He's still so much fun and keeps us on our toes....more walking laps for all of us to try to tire him out a little bit.  I could have used that old sled we got rid of just for him in the past two or three weeks since the snowfall.  He aparently loved rides in the car with his previous owners as when I take out the groceries from the wagon, he jumps in and stays there--waiting to go somewhere, anywhere.  He loves hanging in the garage next to the car.  Unfortunately, he has not been chauffered around much by me yet but a trip to Micky D's drive-thru is certainly in order this weekend.
So thank you again for your hard work and dedication to matching owners and dogs.  Happy New Year to all of you--people and doggies alike. 
PS:  I did get a digital camera yesterday; however, as soon as I learn how to use it, I will send you pictures. 


Hi Samantha.
Roscoe is a terrific success story and such a sweetheart.  He loves to be the center of attention and has more fun with an empty yogurt container than you could ever imagine.  No toy has a squeaker left in it anymore in the house--just empty sacks of fabric.   Day 17:  Roscoe's made pals with our older dogs.  It doesn't seem like just over 2 weeks have gone by since he arrived, but instead like he's been here for years.  They all enjoyed the snow and their walks morning and night--even our very old guy.  Roscoe's made the older one in particular more energetic.  No longer does he slow down behind us but rather is right up front with the other dogs--keeping up with Roscoe.  I'm sorry we got rid of an old rickety dogsled we had as Roscoe would have enjoyed getting into a harness and running around the block before the plows came through.  Maybe we will get a little kiddie sled for him to pull.  Since the other dogs were getting old and the sled was an old handmade job with skis as runners and not in great shape, we pitched it just this year.  
I wish you and your pack (human and doggy sweethearts) all the best in the coming year.  Merry Christmas.  And thank you again from all of us.
With warmest wishes,
Janice, Bob, Roscoe, Nero, Lightning and Biscuit


Roscoe is a great Christmas present to us.
He loves to be near the other dogs so at night for TV hour they line up in front of the couch keeping space between them then lay down by us.  Now w/Rosco, he sits right on them or a part of them, like both their legs or their head.  The old timers don't know what to make of him.  He really is a lot of fun.  Our others are getting old (and one in particular is having more serious trouble with his legs) so he brings a lot of life into a room.
I hope Santa brings me a point and shoot digital camera so I can take tons of doggy pictures.  I have taken thousands with my old SLR and now it's time to get modern and do creative things with the shelter dog pictures. 
You are always welcome to visit us anytime you want....they'll be so happy to see you again.  Sorry about all the fur on your coat the other day.  I have a lint roller everywhere in the house, car, work. 
Take care and talk to you soon. 


I can't really think of any negatives with this wonderful Roscoe.  Although today he took out the inside of my shoe that was left unattended, but even that wasn't bad as it was just ripping out the inside and the outside is still fine and I'm the only one who knows.  It will remind me of him when I wear them.  I'm really hard pressed to think of anything not with Nero, that's another story.  I can make a list.
I feel very lucky to get this dog....and can't imagine why someone wouldn't take him home in a heartbeat. 
Thank you  


Day 8:  Rosco has adjusted very well.  No longer on the bottom of the food chain...working his way up.  All playing.  He loves stuffed toys, very flexible counter surfer, QUICK, gorgeous and housebroken.  Wonderful is what I say about him.  He's so good I cannot imagine anyone ever leaving him behind.  Their circumstances must have been really bad to do something like that.  He eats well.  Very cute how he manages to snuggle in between me and another dog if someone else is getting attention.  On Day 2 he knew exactly where to go for bedtime and now is the first one to go to his kennel at bedtime.  Very smart.  Smarter than me.
All is well I am happy to report.  Thank you again for your hard work in getting him to us.  We really lucked out with this terrific dog.  He is no trouble whatsoever. 
Have a good weekend and see you Weds.
Thank you.


Update:  Day 5 and Roscoe is now one of the bunch.  Nobody pushes him around much anymore and the mounting has slowed down tremendously.  HE IS A TERRIFIC BOY!  It's fun to have a younger dog again in the house.....we forgot how playful they can be.  Today Bob said Roscoe also likes to play with the toilet paper roll and had about 8 ft on the floor.  Sometimes he just carries one of our sneakers around...doesn't chew it, just plays with it if we are not careful to hide them.  What a joy and pleasure he is to have with us.  And the other old timers are adjusting too.
He is a KEEPER so anytime you want us to sign off on the contract and pay the adoption fee, please let me know when is convenient for you. 
Thank you again for all your hard and good work and finding us this great dog. 


Hi Samantha.
Just a quick note to tell you what a pleasure Roscoe is to have.  Though he's got to deal with three others, he is holding his own and is so lovable.  When I'm with another, he snuggles right in there.  Very sweet.  Good on walks too.  A quick learner, and I still think he may be younger than three...he sure acts like he's got a little puppy left in him. Today I saw him walking around with my earmuffs.
Thank you again for all your help in getting him to us.



Here's the update on day 2 with Roscoe:  Wonderful!!!!!!  Last night, we had a little challenge getting him to stay in his kennel run for bedtime.  He was bunking next to Biscuit who loves it in the basement in his crate in his kennel.  It was hard to remove ourselves as he is much quicker than we are.  Eventually we got out and Roscoe stayed in.  He cried for a few minutes, which broke my heart to leave him.  I wanted to run back and stay with him, but I knew I would be creating a problem down the road but that in another day or so he will understand the bedtime routine and be fine.

Roscoe is so quick and slim and smart he managed to squeeze through the opening in our gate/fencing.  It was never an issue with our older fatter guys.  However, he seems quite attached to us and didn't stray far.  As soon as I bent down and opened my arms he came running into them.  That was quite a scare and we always try to be so extra careful.  But he is young and smart and very flexible--I can see him as a houdini dog so we need to try to stay one step ahead of him.  Handyman Bob went to work quickly to make adjustments to the fencing so that problem is gone away.  I also saw him with a shoe in his mouth, which he easily gave back to me.  I can sense he loves toys and chewing still and loves to play.  To me, he seems younger than three.  So we will get him extra chew toys.  Either the former owners didn't neglect him too much OR the WV shelter did an outstanding job with him.
What a joy he is!  Thank you again for finding him for us.
I'll keep you posted and pictures when I can.  I still use an old SLR (not digital yet but I know I need to get with the times.  Maybe Santa will bring one and I can send lots of shots of Roscoe!) 


Hi Samantha.
Just thought you may want to know how everyone is getting along.  Well, he is a sweetheart to put up with three other dogs making him the center of attention.  Our older stiff-legged guy turned into a youngster and was barking constantly at Roscoe when they met.  This old dog even walked 4 laps around and pulled!  Something he has not done in quite a long time.  After Roscoe got his drink of water, we all enjoyed this nice long walk.  He is very good on a leash and a sweetie.  He ate some of his Science Diet for dinner--not too hungry but enough to hold him over for the night.  He followed me all around the kitchen--wherever I went, he went.  Actually, he'd come to Bob or me to get away from the other three as if to say SAVE ME.  Now all are sleepy and chilling with us by the TV.
He seems to be adjusting very well in just a few hours.  There is a lot of humping going on though Roscoe is usually the victim.  Now the others are even jumping on each other--I hope they don't throw their backs out.
On the way home from our meeting, he sat patiently in the back seat--great passenger and gave me a kiss when we pulled into the garage.  I just can't imagine someone leaving such a well-behaved beautiful animal behind.  It blows my mind.  This guy is no trouble at all (so far).  He did take a quick pee on the Christmas tree, but now we blocked it off and watch him more carefully around objects that could be peed upon.  He sure likes to lift his leg and so 8 times in a row in one section of the backyard.  It was crazy to watch how he went back and forth changing legs to lift. 
What a joy and pleasure Roscoe is.  Thank you for finding him for us.
I'll keep you posted on how we are doing--so far--so very good.
Thank you.
Janice and Bob




Tater Tot/Buttercup (Adopted 2008)


Hi Samantha, I just have to brag about Tater Tot's intelligence. Yesterday, we got a little snow. Out my back door is an overhang and straw on the ground. The wood pile sits there as well. So, Tater stood in the dry straw, and looked mournfully at the snowey yard. She took one step on it and hurried back to the dry straw. I pulled a stick from the wood pile and tossed it a few feet in the snow, encouraging her to "get the stick". Her little brow furrowed, she looked at me, looked at the stick, turned her head and pulled a stick out of the wood pile and plunked it at my feet! With that she turned around and casually  went back in the house! She has since discovered that snow is actually fun, Alley got her to go out and they chased and chewed on each other in it. After they come in, Tater burrows under the blankey on the couch, lets out a huge contented sigh and goes to sleep. She is such a precious, funny, perfect little girl. Sending love and cold noses. The Tater Tot gang. 


Dear Samantha, OMG. I will be forever, grateful for the love you have brought to us. Tater put her spell on you like she does us. It just boggles my mind that a dog like that can be abandoned and killed. There has never been a more affectionate, loving, humerous, intelligent, love bug. But I might be a little partial. Her and Alley are attached at the shoulder. She looks like she is bulking up as well. The girls get the nutro max venison and brown rice food and just love it. They insist they killed the deer on one of their hunts. But you know dogs and their  tall "tails". Thanks so much, Samantha. You are a true hero. If ever we can get you down here in south jersey, would love to have you visit. Break some bread and share stories, oh and give lots of hugs and kisses to a sweet little blond girl. Sending our thanks your way, The Tater Tot gang.  


Hi Sam, Hope all is well with you  and the rescue. As I was going to work yesterday there was a car with Virginia plates traveling north. In the back seat was a crate with a cute little dog in it. I immediately got welled up thinking it was a transport for a dog looking for its forever home. Once again giving thanks to you and all those like you who participate in this beautiful act of kindness. Is there any way to find out the person who picked Tater Tot off of death row? I would love to tell her/him of my gratitude, giving that angel my forever thanks for my precious Tater tot. What a fantastic dog. She is so loving and affectionate. Please say hi to the rest of the crew and may the Goddess bless you all. Love from Sharon, Paul, Lexi Alley and Tater Tot.  


Hi Animal angels, Just an update. Tater passed her home alone for 8 hr test, out of the crate with flying colors. All thier dolls, about 25, were in the middle of the living room floor. They had a blast while mommy and daddy were making milk bone money. So the crate has been put away for another mutt. She is such a great dog. Takes everything in stride. Shes my easy going southern girl. She had a great hunting lesson this morning in the icy tundra. Went off with Alley and Lexi after several deer. When we got back, we were all ready for a nap. The pictures are enclosed. zzzzzzzzzzzz Howl at ya later. Will let you know how old the vet thinks she is. Luv from the canine gang


Hi Elaine, Just a quick update. Well, its been a week now with the Tater Tot and all is just perfect. What a great little dog. The girls just love her to death. Alley cant keep her mouth off of her. Making all these noises. Tater gives it all back to her but never says a word. She snuggles with us under the covers in the bed and sometimes she steals Alleys food. Alley lets her have it! AND the shelter was going to kill Alley cause she was "food aggressive"! Go figure. Thank you so much for being the link in this chain of beautiful events. Please let Sam and Nancy know how great all is going. Fondly. the Tater Tot gang 

Hi Nancy & Sam,

 Just a quick up date. The Tot had a busy morning. Met up with buddies, Winter and Indy and had a good hunt. Came home and had a nice warm bubble bath. Took up residence on the couch for a few zzzzzz. And here she is! Such a sweety pie. And smart. My Goodness, she is smart. I swear to God, she understands english, a lot of it. Fondly. the Tater tot crew.


We were shooting pool in the basement and here are how the kids "play pool".


Hi Elaine. Alley and Tater have become inseperable. They wrestle till they both flop down in exhaustion. One takes a swipe at the other and off they go. My living room looks like a stuffy bomb went off. They are having a ball. Its a joy to watch them. Lexi watches with interest and occasionally gets inthe middle of the match, herself. Tater is a wonderful member of our family. Thank you for helping that to happen. To be continued. Love and licks. Taters Fam. 


Hi Samantha, She had a great run with her sisters this morning. . She wouldnt let me out of her sight even for a second. It is a wooded area with deer to chase. Alley and Lexi went after one but Tater stayed with me. (I dont let her out of my sight either) My parents met their new granddoggy and of course, love her.  She is a little scared of all the new stuff but figuring it all out pretty quick. The end of the walk ends up at the bank of the delaware river. At first she was scared of the water but watched her sisters fetching sticks, with her little face all furrowed. They went in the big scary river. All of a sudden she ran and jumped in the river. Startled, I was ready to go in after her. The look on her face was total surprise, her front paws came up and she paddled, splashed her way back to the bank. We all had a good laugh, while she shook herself off, though she was sort of embarrased, she took it all in stride. We came back and they had some yard time out in the straw. They came in the basement and got toweled dry. Once upstairs she put herself down in her crate for a nap. She settled in amongst the pillows and blankys, her teddy by her side, gave a huge grin, blinked sleepily and put her heavy head down. What a precious girl she is. She and Alley look like shadows and follow each other around. Lexi looks on with distinguished interest. Its so wonderful to have her with us. Thank you ever so much for making that happen. Fondly, Sharon, Paul and the girls.


Hi Nancy, Just an up date on buttercup (Tater tot).  What a precious dog she is. I cant say enough good about her. She and her 2 sisters slept all the way home in the car. We went on a 20 minute walk before going in the house. She checked out the yard but was most interested in coming in. This morning she figured out the doggy door by following her 2 sisters in. She smacks her lips when she eats, its hilarious. She played tuggy with her sis while the older one watched on from the couch. Slept like a bear snuggled down in her pillows in the bedroom crate. All 3 are waiting for their morning run. It looks like she has a spay scar so we are keeping our fingers crossed. Do you have her shot records? Samantha said she was up to date but you know the vet will want more specifics. Samantha and Elaine are dolls. How lucky this world is to have  people like you all. Thank you so much for giving us the oportunity to adopt once again. Let us know about the adoption fee. Your buds, Sharon, Paul, Lexi, Alley and Tater Tot.




Lucky (Adopted 2008)