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Yogis First Vacation Add Video

Hi Samantha! My husband Garry and I married in June 2012 and Yogi is a wonderful addition to our new family. He is playful and lovable... at home he loves playing fetch in the hallway, tackling stuffed animals, and cuddling on the sofa. He went from being sensitive to having his paws touched to trusting us to touch him and hold him anyway. He gives high fives, too- it is so cute! He didn't go for fabrics over him, and now when he's cold he wear a winter jacket and he enjoys being towel dried after a good bath. We go for long walks every day, the dog park several times a week, and now that it is nice out sometimes we just sit outside and enjoy dog friendly treats- he especially loves chicken and apple slices. Now, of course, he is not perfect as no one is- but he is perfect for us and has grown so much with just a little patience, consistency and a lot of love. We live in a small community within a busy NJ city, and all of our friends and neighbors love Yogi. He is so friendly and polite with all the dogs and kids. I call him 'the mayor' because everyone around knows him and greets him! After having Yogi with us for about 7 weeks, we were thrilled to be able to travel from NJ to CA with him for a "family vacation"- the trip went well and he had a great time in the CA outdoors. Yogi is our special little guy and it is so amazing to experience life with him. Here is the movie clip of vacation with Yogi. I often say, he saved ME when I didn't even know I needed to be saved! Thank you to everyone at the Last Resort for giving Yogi the chance to a happier chapter in life- he means the world to us! Hugs, Nadia & Garry

Posted by The Last Resort on May 8, 2013 at 4:36 PM 4243 Views