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Happy Tails 5/10

Jersey Girl

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Jersey Girl
Hi Kirsten and Susan and Suzanne, My week has been absolute insanity! The activities for my boys have finally come to halt so I now have time to share some photos of Jersey Girl and brag about her as well. She is certainly a pup-chewing on everything. As we speak she is running the stretch as I like to call it. She is running for our washroom to the family room and back, rolling with a chew toy and then back again. The chew toys have been a saving grace because she is certainly a teething pup! The first night was tough-more so for me, she cried a lot and I took her out for walks every 2 hours. Needless to say it was like caring for a new born-however she and I bonded immediately and only after four days, she is at my feet at all times-following me around. She is soooo smart. She has only had a few accidents in the house-which is to be expected, but now we have been accident free for 4 days. Jersey responds to her name and is extremely friendly with everyone she meets. We took her to Pet Smart to buy her some chew toys and as my son said "She was a hit at Pet Smart!!" Everyone kept coming up to her and petting her and she was as friendly as can be. We also took her to the boys soccer tournament and she was really curious and sniffed everywhere but when the game started she gnawed on her bone for the entire game-she sat under my chair and was completely content! I have to say, she is typical activity level for a pup, however she is very comfortable staying close to me. Our neighborhood has many dogs and needless to say Jersey is going to take a while to acclimated to them. She is a little fearful of their bark. If our neighbors dog is out she wont even go in that direction, we choose another path to take. I have been working on that. We want to get her around as many dogs as possible, however I think that one is going to be the hardest part. My husband has been away for the entire week so his first encounter with her was last night and they hit it off! Our joke is, that for the most part we don't agree on much, but we did agree on Jersey! He was really impressed with how calm and mild tempered she was! He clearly has not witnessed the mornings yet, where she attacks your bare feet as her morning greeting! My boys, Tim and Sean have been great with her. They, like she, are still learning the ins and outs of puppyhood, and have shown such wonderful responsibility for her well being. They are very cogniscent of her where abouts and will never leave the door to outside open. They even make statements like "Mom, maybe we shouldn't bring her to the game-there might be other dogs there and she is a little afraid of them" It is a beautiful thing to see your children show love and compassion. Plus, they like being in charge, feeding, walking and rubbing her belly! She is a beautiful young pup and we are so excited she is part of our family. She has a loving home and will be very well taken care of. I of course am like a proud new mommy all over again. I love having her in our home and have really enjoyed walking her in the neighborhood to show her off!!! We always get the question, what kind of dog is she and I always give the party line of terrier mix. I have heard the following combos-terrier rotweiler, terrier beagle, terrier german shepard. After my husband and I took her for a walk he thinks she may be part point and a hunting dog as well. When she sees birds or squirrels her paw comes up like a pointer and bends at the elbow! It is the cutest thing ever. Attached you will find some photos of her. I hope all of Jersey's siblings are doing well. I'm certain she is the alpha of the group! Please send our love to the siblings. Have you found a home for Jemma yet? We may have someone interested!!! Nicole
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