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Council Meeting 6/22/10 Sign In or Register to add photos

Thought you might enjoy this. Park Ridge was trying to place an ordinance limiting the amount of dogs and cats in a household. This number including fosters, restricted the amount of time a foster could stay with a family, and required that fosters be registered with the town. The Rescue Club stayed after school making up protest signs then spent the first night of their summer vacation sitting in a town meeting. The mayor introduced the ordinance and they all stood up and held up their signs. The council was speechless! They each went up to the podium and explained the need for long term foster homes and the council decided to shelve the ordinance until they could do more research. (Probably just waiting until the kids were gone so they didn't embarrass themselves but I'm a pessimist) The reporters loved it so maybe the town will wake up before they take away their rights. The girls made a huge impact last night!
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