The Last Resort
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Allie the Rottie from Summerville, GA Sign In or Register to add photos

We received the below plea for help from a shelter we work a lot with. We donated $500 to her care. Allie was found wandering the streets in rural Chattooga County barely able to see her way down the road. She has very bad entropia in BOTH eyes and she has a bad case of mange. We aren't sure of her HW status yet, but considering the shape she is in we are not too hopeful. This poor girl is very depressed at the shelter but then again, she is probably in constant pain with her eyelashes growing into her eyes. Both eyes are also ulcerated from her condition and she will need surgery in both eyes. We only have a guesstimate on the total cost to help Allie, and this is not including HW Treatment IF she comes up positive. So, at this point we are looking at $1000 to get her eyes fixed, spayed, vaccinations, mange treatment and boarding (she is contagious). PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE POOR ALLIE'S CHRISTMAS A LITTLE HAPPIER AND HELP US GET HER OUT OF PAIN BY DONATING
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