Tabby June 2011 (adopted 12/09 from TLR) Tabby June 2011 (adopted 12/09 from TLR) Tabby the sailor Tabs helped Andy and Helen navigate the boat through Saranac Lake at the end of June. 130774280 Tabby the protector Tabby is always looking out for all of us. She is such a protective and loyal pup. 130774281 Tabby...yes, you called? Camping on Saranac Lake. Tabby was with 5 of her 11 immediate canine cousins 130774282 Tabby and Maggie- BFFs Tabby and Maggie (our 12 year old chocolate lab) snuggling together in the car on the way home from camping. They LOVE each other! Thanks, TLR for giving us Tabby! 130774283