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Adoption Process 

Thank you for considering adoption! We look forward to helping you make the best and most appropriate choice when selecting your new family member.  Adopting a pet is big commitment and we want to ensure the best and most compatible match for you, your family, and your lifestyle.  In order to do so, we ask that you complete the application first. Your application will help us in matching you with the right pet. Applications will be reviewed and an adoption coordinator will be in touch to help you start your adoption journey.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION: Every single question must have a response. Please leave nothing blank. If it does not apply to you, please put N/A in the response field or your application will not go through!

Please be aware that we are a volunteer based rescue organization balancing careers, family and rescue. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.  It can take an average of 5-7 days for us to review your application so please be patient and we WILL get back to you as soon as possible.   Please be sure to provide as much information as possible on your application to help us to determine the best possible match for you and your family. 

Our main goal is the successful and permanent placement of each and every dog we rescue into loving forever homes.  We often must make difficult decisions  in determining which applicant/family will be the best match for each dog.  Please realize that once your application is approved, we will make every effort to find the exact right dog for each of you and we have a 99% success rate with placement. Please allow us to help you in choosing a dog that's age, size, temperament and activity level match your lifestyle to ensure a positive experience for everyone, 2-legged and 4-legged alike!