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Around mid-July Samantha stopped by one of their volunteers vet hospitals and a postal worker had found a baby kitten under a bush who had lost his mommy.  The kitten was only 7 - 10 days old.  Samantha called Nancy to see if she could raise him as she has lots of experience with that sort of stuff.  Here are pictures when Oscar first arrived and then some from just recently.



 9/1 ( 4 weeks old )







12/25 ( 5 months old)




Nancy hand raised and nursed Oscar since he was a week or so old and along with her family ,decided to adopt Oscar . Oscar is now 9 months old

Look at Oscar Now !!





Samantha was able to help another transport coordinator as her transport for that weekend was already filled.  Casey was trying to fill her transport from TN to NY that was for 2 of the puppies that the wonderful gentleman in TN, Frank, rescued from a shelter because they were going to euthanize all 13 puppies because they MAY have been exposed to kennel cough!! Which is easily treatable with antibiotics!! She only had like 3 remaining legs and needed Samantha's help to fill them.  Here is the nice email that was sent out and the puppies, Freedom & Mary Ann, who were able to be transported safely to their rescue in NY!


Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you all for driving this weekend .

Every driver this weekend,  with the exception of my husband Josh, was a new driver TO ME  - meaning none of you have driven for me before. I think this is a huge accomplishment.  The more contacts us coordinators have, the more lives we can save by getting transports filled.

I will send out an update soon....Amy is always wonderful about keeping us updated on how the babies we send to her are progressing.

I also want to send a HUGE " thank you " to Frank who selflessly rescued and fostered  Freedom and Maryann, as well as 11 other puppies that were to be euthanized only because they MAY HAVE been exposed to kennel cough. THANK YOU FRANK!

I also want to thank Samantha with  who once again saved me by helping me get this transport filled and also to Tania who is responsible for getting the last leg filled by cross posting .

Again Thanks ! It was good to work with and meet you all .

Thanks to Ashlee and Josh for the attached photos !

Sincerely ,







Samantha received the following email looking for urgent placement for a senior gorgeous husky. She was able to find somewhere for this beauty to go with her many husky contacts!!




Samantha received the following email and was devastated. Although The Last Resort was unable to take them as we are so full, she was able to send to someone that could and they were rescued!!! Thanks Karen!!!


Please help save us, we are all so cute... Our owner turned us in along with an older sibling. We are all available for adoption now and in need of rescue. Our older sibling is very skinny and needs help too. Ofc. Phillips is going to our old home and charging our old owner with cruelty because she is so skinny. Please, Please help get us out of here!








Here are some updated pictures of Will.  Michele & Samantha were so happy to have helped this boy and see how far he'd come in such a short time!


Bandage taken on camera phone so please forgive the quality.  Will is doing GREAT!
He has all of you and many more supporters to thank for his continued excellent level of care.  I cannot thank you enough for the amazing way everyone pulled together to help us help Will!
Today he got time in the whole shelter yard by himself.  He ran like he had never been free,  he checked out everything in his path!  He was so happy, it was great to see him fly like the wind.  He barked at the men working across the street, he is feeling at home already.  Will is needy, when I am cleaning he cries if he cannot see me.  I think someone will get a fabulous best friend in Will when he is adopted!
We will keep you all current on his progress and again we could never thank all of you enough!



The Last Resort received the below email from a shelter in GA.  Michele & Samantha were so sickened by it that we personally donated to the fund for this poor dog.  THE PICTURES ARE VERY GRAPHIC SO BE WARNED!!

He is in great hands now and healing fast!!

Please do not be upset by the photos that follow but I felt it necessary to show you why I am asking for your help.

This is Will, Bert named him as we sorted out his photos since he has a strong WILL to survive!  Despite the horrible torture he has obviously suffered he is SO loving and sweet.
Will came to animal control in this condition, probably the worst ingrown collar we have ever seen.
Susan immediatley said YES to taking him into the program and getting him the medical attention he so desperately needs!
Will is now at the vet being sedated and cleaned up.  He will need follow up care I am sure.  Susan and her husband are there with Will as I type to all of you.
This was an expense the shelter was not prepared for right now in this terrible economic time.  Adoptions and donations are very low and the animals still need quality care.
We pull dogs and cats exclusively from Animal Control, all our animals were potentially facing death at AC and are now part of our no kill shelter.
I would like to ask you my friends and co workers to please help us with the extra expense Will will cost.  ANY donation is amazing and we are forever grateful.  THE fur faces are forever grateful!

We expect his bill to be several hundred dollars but have no firm estimate.


After having our 2nd garage sale, we had lots of stuff left over.  We found out about another animal rescue group, S.T.A.R.T. (Save the Animals Rescue Team), was having a garage sale of their own.  We donated all the rest of our items to them so it all still went to the animals!!











There was an article in the paper about a benefit dinner in West Milford for working military dogs in Iraq.  It was a great deal!! $11 per person and it was a complete italian buffet.  All proceeds went to purchase doggles (dog protective eyewear), a cooling bandana (to help keep them cool), and dog booties (to help protect their feet from the hot sand) for each dog.  Samantha wanted to attend however, with her insanely busy schedule, it was nearly impossible.   She talked to Michele & Nancy to see if we could make a donation from The Last Resort. Of course, they were all for it so that's what we did! Samantha handed them a check for $100!! They were ecstatic to say the least!! 





Samantha received the email below and made a donation for poor baby Sinatra as she is such a huge husky lover.




This is Sinatra she is a 3-4 month old Siberian Husky that was hit by a car on the 23rd May and taken to the Emergency Vet Clinic by a Good Samaritan, as she was a stray they wouldn't treat her but they gave her pain meds and sent her over to animal control where she sat in a cage in sick and injured for 4 days before she could be released to rescue.  She has a fractured Pelvis, fractured Femoral Head, Broken Left Tibia and Fibula. Due to the extent of her injuries it is the vets opinion she has to have surgery to repair all her injuries at the same time or be humanely euthanized.With surgery she is expected to make a FULL recovery and lead a long happy 4 legged life !! Sinatra was taken to a specialist at Kansas State for surgery... unfortunately she broke with Parvo that night & surgery has been delayed while she fights the virus. This little girl is responding well to treatment & is expected to make a full recovery & then go on to have surgery. Her bills are expected to be $5000.


Our 4th bake sale was such a great one. We had so many bakers and each time we went to pack up, people would stop us and wanted more!! I can only wish the same for our next one which is June 28th.  I want to send a special thank you out to all our bakers: Darlene, Nitya, Mary, Frank, Bea, Adam, Janice, Diane, Jen C, Sondra, Cassie, Deb & Linda S.  Thank you everyone!! None of these events would be possible without you and we made almost $800!! Thanks Jen for spending the day with me manning the booth. Here are a few photos from the bake sale.





Our 2nd annual garage sale was again a tremendous success! We raised just over $1800!! Its was a great event because we got to see alot of the dogs we adopted out who decided to stop by and say hi with their moms and dads.  Thank you all for your support. And a special thank you to CBS Outdoor for allowing us to hold our event there!! It would not have been possible without them!  And of course, we want to thank everyone who helped to make this fundraiser a success! You know who you are!!!Enjoy the photos from this event!!




























































 Click here to see more photos from our Garage Sale Fundraiser



We had a wonderful surprise while we were at the bake sale.  It happened to be a special ladies birthday.  Her name is Randi and she is a close friend of Linda who adopted Amber from us.  Rather than getting the traditional gifts for her birthday, she requested everyone make a donation to The Last Resort!! Can you believe that? What an amazing person.  A very big thank you to her friends Linda, Kathy, Joan & Margo. And a super huge thank you to your Randi.Happy Birthday!!   This means the world to us!!


Well, another successful bake sale!!  We ended up raising just over $600 in just 4 short hours!!  Thanks so much to Sondra, Cassie & Debbie for helping out all day!! And we cannot thank our bakers enough.  Their treats are always the best and everyone loves them.  Here are some photos from our Mothers Day Bake Sale at Walmart in Riverdale. Our next one will be held on June 28th from 12-4 at the same Walmart.







The Last Resort rescued Mike & Ikes siblings, Sampson & Samantha, because they had more than one app for Mike & Ike and had a nice forever home waiting for them! All four siblings and their momma Belle were saved by one of Samantha's drivers.  Sweetly he named Samantha and Sampson afterher :)  Here are a few photos from their overnight in PA (Thanks Donna!) and then some photos from when they arrived at Samantha's house :)