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URGENTS & Courtesy Listings

These are dogs that are located in kill shelters that we work closely with as well as courtesy posts for other rescues that we work with. It will be indicated in their bio as to whether they are in a kill shelter or not.  If you are interested, please follow the instructions as to whether to fill out our application or to contact them directly.  Thanks!










This is one of the no kill shelters we work with in AL. Please fill out our application and we will work with them to get the dog here. Please note that the dog you are interested in is at Macon County Humane in Tuskegee, AL.

Macon County Humane, Tuskegee, AL 


This is a no-kill rescue that we work with in SC.  If you see a dog you are interested in here, fill out their application and we can have them transported up here!! The more dogs we save from here, the more dogs they can save from kill shelters!!!

Pet Tender Angels Rescue and Rehabilitation


 Here is one we work with in NC and another in SC.  Although they are not kill shelters, if we pull a dog from them, they can save another from a kill shelter! Transylvania saves their dogs from a horrible gassing shelter in Brevard, NC and Pawmetto Lifeline saves all their dogs from kill shelters in Columbia, SC

Transylvania Animal Services


 Here is one in GA (they have more than just rotties)

Rural Georgia Rottie Rescue


This is a kill shelter in SC that we work with 

Greenwood, SC Animal Control