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                                   THANK YOU!!!!

This page is dedicated to all the people out there who support us!!! If there are some of you we have forgotten, please let us know!!





A huge, heartfelt thank you to Stephanie and SmartWorld Coffee in Denville for their continuous support and promotion of our rescue! We love you!! 







We would like to thank Ranft's Vacuum & Appliance in Denville for their support!





During the winter Chloe (on her own) decided to start a fundraising campaign.. She made a sign of dogs and dog training techniques and began raising money. She started with her friends at school and much to my surprise collected $18 in a few days. So she asked if we could expand and ask family and friends. To date she has raised $291.75!!! And she would like to donate it to your shelter for the animals :)  What an amazing young woman she is! Thank you Chloe!!! You are our future!!





Arianna with Marshall (L) and Daisy (R) and the donations she collected for us!


I hope this email finds you well! I don't know if you remember us. We adopted our dog, Daisy, in December of 2009 from your rescue. Michele was so wonderful and patient with us! We took quite a while to find Daisy because we had to find a suitable friend for our dog, Marshall.  They are inseparable to this day!

The following is a message from my oldest daughter. Please let me know if there is anything specific we need to do.

Hello, my name is Arianna. I am 10 years old. I would love to help out at a shelter, but I am too young. So, I've decided to raise money and collect things for dogs in shelters. I would like to have fundraisers for The Last Resort since you helped us find Daisy! I have printed the wish list from your website. My plan is to put drop boxes at different locations in Oakland and have a donation drive. My mom and I will go door to door with flyers and plastic bags and ask them to leave the donations outside on a certain date.

I love all animals and want to help as many as I can!

Thank you!

Arianna and family







A super huge thank you to Madison & Kylie for making rainbow loom bracelets to sell to raise money for The Last Resort! The girls raised $150 to help save more animals :) Thanks so much girls! GREAT WORK! We need more people in the world like them to make it a brighter place!






A big huge thank you to Linda and Michele for putting together our fabulous bake sales!!!





Meet sweet, adorable, compassionate Sophie!! She just had her 7th birthday and decided that instead of toys for herself, she wanted her gifts to go the animals! What an absolutely amazing, caring young woman she is! Below is the email we received from her mother.  Thank you Sophie!! The world needs more people like you!

We live in Raleigh, NC and have 2 rescue dogs who are a big part of our family. My sister, Vicky V, is a vet tech and lives in NJ with her husband and many rescued pals. Vicky volunteered with you all recently and she sent us t-shirts and told us about your facility and organization. Sophie and Vicky share the same birthday and compassion for animals so this is how Sophie chose to donate to The Last Resort Rescue.
Sophie raised $100. I am sending this email so that I can attach some pictures. They are of Sophie with Thunder and Sienna when Sienna joined our family 3 years ago. On a side note, Sophie cut her hair last year and donated it to Pantene's program of Locks of Love. She donated 13 inches! Sophie is a very compassionate girl and I encourage that as much as possible :)  Consider us a connection in NC. It would be awesome if my sister Vicky would come to visit and we drove back to NJ with some rescued dogs. I didn't realize how many inhumane shelters there are in NC. We did drive from FL to PA with Vicky's 5 dogs in a rented cargo van about 15 years ago. What an experience!







The freshman class at Banyan Upper School in Totowa, NJ collected all these donations for us! They even raised $130 doing a car wash! A big huge thank you to all the students and their teacher Mrs. Tammy Slane!!! Below was the email we received from them:

Hello.  My name is Tammy and I am the science teacher at Banyan Upper School.  My freshman class is currently raising money and collecting supplies for your organization. I found your website on the internet and my students and I were immediately drawn to your cause and decided we would like to help out.  I would like to know where I can deliver the supplies and money we collect.  If you could contact me as soon as possible we would appreciate it.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Tammy and the Banyan Upper School freshmen class










We received the below note from The Stonecutters as well as a $240 donation to help Sandy victims! How awesome are they! Check out their website and show them some support!!

Dear Last Resort Pet Rescue, I am the frontperson of a band called The Stonecutters. We are a 90's cover band, and recently held a benefit to support the victims of Sandy. I read the article with your plea for help in the Examiner, and decided to send the proceeds from our show to you. The following bands played that night, and want to thank you for all you are doing to help the animals displaced by Superstorm Sandy: The Stonecutters Tom Small The Rental The Vigor The Karma Killers Please feel free to check out any of our bands by checking out our Facebook. There are links to all of the bands Thank you again for all you have done to save the beloved pets and animals displaced by this storm. -The Stonecutters






 Clancy, a new student in the Woodcliff Animal Rescue Club, decided that she wanted her Christmas gift to her teacher, Julie Ogden, to make a $100 donation to The Last Resort!






These fabulous young ladies held a lemonade stand to raise $ for The Last Resort!!!

Pictured with Samantha from The Last Resort; From Left to Right in the photo:

Reese Ferrentino, Keira Ferrentino and Ava Henrich.




Max Aronson raised $50 for The Last Resort - Please read how here: It is my pleasure to be involved with an organization as meaningful as TLR to fight a cause that means so much to me and so many other kids I know; I had the opportunity to work with some of those kids in my school. The group that raised our donation consisted of me, a girl named Aimee Balezza, and two young men named Brendan Weng and Christian Reguitti. Brendan was not featured in the picture that I gave you because he worked a different shift in sales, but he accompanied me to dogfest 2011; I actually believe you met him! 
Anyway, we made dog treats and sold them in our school during our lunch periods. In addition, we held a bakesale after school. This group was a pleasure to work with, and each of them worked very hard for our cause. 

I look forward to many more years of involvement with TLR! 


Thanks to pet photographer Stacey Gammon for taking some great photos of a few of our adoptables at Dog Fest!



 Sweet Victoria had her 4th birthday party on  7/21/12 and this precious little angel requested that her party guests bring donations for The Last Resort rather than buying her presents.  How absolutely adorable is that?! A future animal rescuer in the making! Thank you so much Victoria! We love you and the dogs cannot thank you enough and send you puppy kisses!!




 A random act of kindness occurred today at the Sparta Stop n Shop! One of our volunteers was inside shopping. When she came out, there was a $10 donation and the below note left anonymously in her car. Thank you to whoever may have done this. You truly made our day! THANK YOU!!





A big huge thank to Arlene O'Rourke who stops by the facility where we board some of our dogs with a big bag of dog food monthly! Thank you so much Arlene! Also, a sincere thank you to her again. She thought of us in her time of mourning after the untimely death of her husband Brian.  In lieu of flowers, she requested donation be sent to us.  Above is a picture of her doggie Harry!






Our very own AH-MAZE-ING Whitney met up with AH-MAZE-ING Stu and the two of them have forged a very special place for TLR at Wantage Dog Park. Stu has started a Rescue Board featuring 15 of our Doggies every month, along with TLR Literature. Can you stand it? SO Sweet! LOVE them both! Thank YOU!





 Thanks so much to Jamie & Thomas for donating $300 to The Last Resort instead of giving wedding favors to their guests!!! How awesome is that! Jackson, previously DJ was adopted from The Last Resort in March 2010 :)




This is Tyler! He raised $330 for The Last Resort baking and selling cupcakes!! He adopted two sibling puppies from us (Jessica & Janet) Thank you so much Tyler!!!




The Paws Alert had a benefit on Saturday June 4th at Bananas Comedy Club where all the ticket proceeds and 50/50 sales went to local animal shelters featured in Paws Alert each week!! It went GREAT thanks to the 108 tickets sold, raffles, 50/50 & donations. Enough money was raised to give 6 random shelters a donation and an additional shelter received the food donations out of the 29 shelters Paws Alert works with. They chose THE LAST RESORT RESCUE as one of the shelters to donate to! They worked so hard for this & now want the animals to enjoy it!  They sent us a check for $490!! Thank you SO MUCH Steppin' Out & Paws Alert!!




 A HUGE Thank You to Mrs. Burton's period eight freshman seminar class, Wayne Valley High School, NJ!

They generously collected several bags of animal supplies for TLR.

Front row left to right: Kathleen Hopkins, Julie Huber, Fareeha Naim, Kanchan Railkar, Negin Sedaghat.

Middle row left to right: Mrs. Burton, Alyssa Fiorellini, Ailidh Kendall, Tonya Ezzo, Jillian Pulicicchio, Jackie Bsales, Jon Spiegelglas, MacKenzie Faber.

Back row left to right: Erblina Mustafai, Brian Moore, Susie Ottomanelli, Alex Widovic.

Not pictured are Danielle DiDomenico, Lindsey Wormald, Billy Berni, Richard Brunje, John McGlynn and Mike Elia.






We want to thank the junior girl scout troop at West Ridge School!! They asked Sierra (red & white husky mix pictured above) and one of our wonderful volunteers Julie, to come visit and teach them about rescue.  I passed out brochures for The Last Resort and they gave me a box of stuff they had collected. 



A humongous thank you to Sandy R! She is always there for us whenever we need a foster home, a fundraiser, a groom, ANYTHING!!! We love you Sandy! Please support her shop   Must Love Dogs! a Full Service, Cage-Free dog grooming shop located in Wayne, N.J. They feature a stress-free environment for your loved one. 




A huge thank you to Sandy & Bubbles & Bones

 who is always there for us when we need to have a dog groomed!! 

We truly appreciate you!!!


Sandy, owner of Bubbles & Bones, pictured with Kate, who was in need of a good bath after arriving off transport from AL!






Pictured are Nancy Warner, Donna Buccellato, Samantha Grieves and Lisa Rose



Written by Lisa R, our foster & spay neuter coordinator

On Christmas morning I went outside to feed my horses, and on the back steps of my house I found a jar full of change. It was very moving to find this on Christmas morning. It made me feel that everything I do for the animals isn’t in vain. After I shared the news with the rescue of my findings, they agreed....with the efforts of people like us, we can make a difference.  And we will keep working “until they all have a home”.  (some have been inspired by this to start a jar of their own!)

Pictured are Nancy Werner, Donna Buccellato, Samantha Grieves and Lisa Rose


(What was written on the jar)


The Christmas jar is filled with loose change collected throughout the year and is given anonymously on Christmas Eve to a person or family that needs it the most.

This year we decided to give the jar to our four legged friends at The Last Resort. We realized that although people need our help, animals are so often overlooked. The Last Resort does so much for the animals that never would have had a chance and we thank you for that.

We don’t know how much is in the jar, but we do know that “every little bit counts”


Merry Christmas




WCARE slam dunks Winter Contest!!!

WCARE (WoodCliff Animal Rescue Engineers) is an amazing group of middle school students that are headed up by Julie Ogden (one of our fab TLR fosters/volunteers). WCARE decided to participate in the Contest because they are passionate about saving animals and making a difference. The students also weren't interested in the "prizes" for themselves. Their goal was to win the camcorder, printer (and redonate the camera back to TLR) as a byproduct of raising funds, in order to be able to make better videos and photos, to promote TLR. Can you believe it?

In just a few weeks, these amazing kids have raised $1375 for TLR!!! We are just blown away by their hard work, dedication, creativity and kindness.

Our WCARE Students deserve to be mentioned by name: Max Aronson, Mariyanna Arundel, Zoe Pillar, Alex Pettie, Rachel Fisher, Daniella Roitman, Hannah Hoffman, Emily Cazaz, Thomas Gallagher, Andrew Bernstein, Jordan Bernstein, Matt Purritano, Graham Kessel, Natalie Gadaleta, Lauren Zablo, Christian Piantino, Lucia Klarin and Nicole Mofrad.

"These animals really need our help and it makes me feel good when they get a home. I feel like I have made a difference." --Max Aronson, one of the founders of WCARE

"I don't think any living thing should be treated the way some of these animals have been. If I can help even one it makes me feel like I can make a difference in this world." --Mariyanna Arundel, another founding member of WCARE

"TLR really needs it and deserves it. They keep dogs from dying and it makes me feel really, really good that I can help save lives." -- Zoe Pillar, second year member WCARE

Lauren Zablo is a new member of the club. Lauren joined because she started to think how bad she would feel if her dog ever got treated like some of the animals TLR has rescued. Her family was so upset when they found out how many animals get killed every year that they donated over 400 cookies and cupcakes from their catering business, Foremost Catering for the students to sell at the Winter Concert. (Thank you Foremost!!!!)

How they did it?

"WCARE started by selling silicone bracelets that said "Puppies aren't Products" with TLR website on the back of them. They wanted to raise awareness during this holiday season as well as to raise funds. This raised over $400. It also caused a lot of children to join and form a club just to raise funds. They asked John Fierro, principal of the elementary school and proud father to a TLR puppy if they could fund raise at the winter concert. He not only gave his approval he shared with the whole audience what a difference TLR has made in his life and urged people to be generous. Lauren Barbelet, Principal of the middle school and another avid animal lover invited them to fund raise at the middle school concert. The children shared with the audience what they do and why they do it. Lauren Zablo explained that the baked goods were offered for donations only and that people "follow their hearts" when making a donation. The community of Woodcliff Lake, NJ certianly did just that, as over $900 was raised on those two nights." --Julie Ogden, WCARE Teacher





 Thank you SO MUCH to Donna & Joe, one of our previous adopters, who so generously donated 60+ brand new dog toys, dog bowls, nail trimmer and a $300 donation in memory of Tom Donahue, 3rd. We love you guys and are so sorry for your loss. Please give our love to Taegan & Faelan.




Humane Education now part of the curriculum at Woodcliff Middle School!

Thanks to our wonderful foster, volunteer, grant coordinator, transporter, etc, Julie Ogden, and after all the press that Woodcliff Rescue Club got, the Superintendent decided to make Humane Education part of our curriculum.  Mrs. Ogden will still run a club with the kids but it is now one of the school's classes!  By educating the students in this fashion, we really hope that they are back to volunteer when they are older and even more important, educate their families about buying dogs.  Woodcliff Lake Middle School has their own TV studio in school so their morning announcements will include a "dog of the week" and the screens in the hallways which run constantly are running a montage of all the dogs available from The Last Resort. 

Check it out here!





A big huge thank you to Christian!! He had a fundraiser for us outside of the Denville A&P to help raise money so we can save more dogs!! Great job Christian!!




Thanks so much to everyone at Bubbles & Bones from everyone at The Last Resort Rescue! I can't believe how amazingly awesome you were to us letting us bring 8 puppies in to get bathed after they arrived VERY stinky off of a long transport from GA & AL!! You guys ROCK! 




 Thanks so much to Kelli, Mike, Evan, Nikki, Dr. Sommer, Norine, and the entire staff at Mike's Feed Farm for one of our most successful adoption days ever! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and for being so accommodating!  You are all so absolutely wonderful! THANK YOU!





 Thank you to Doug at the Denville A&P for always being such a great guy and letting us have bake sales/adoption days at his store! You are truly a wonderful man and we sincerely appreciate your kindness!!





WCare - WoodCliff Animal Rescue Engineers

 First row, left to right:  Zoe Pillar, Jules Lefkowitz, Emily Cazaz, Hannah Hoffman, Rachel Fisher

Back row, left to right:  Meagan Todfield, Max Aronson, Jessica Suozzi, Mariayanna Arundel, Susan Janowsky, Fred Maltzan - not pictured is Carolyn Molinelli

WCare was formed to support The Last Resort and other rescue groups by utilizing the technology skills of the students to promote animal rescue.  Fred Maltzan teaches the necessary technology skills and supports the children in their efforts.  The students create digitally edited videos to draw attention to the unique qualities of each animal and aid in their adoption.  Through the club the children have become highly involved in rescue and have branched out from their original mission of providing tech support to seeking donations, participating in rescue events, educating their community, fostering dogs and yes, even adopting rescue pets of their own.  All have become passionate about rescue and plan on staying involved even during their summer vacation.

If you are interested in starting your own Rescue Club at school, please let us know and we can help you get started!!


Yesterday, June 16,  2010, was the last day of Rescue Club and everyone received the above certificate.




Thank you so much Laurie for hosting CRAFTS FOR A CAUSE to benefit The Last Resort!! See more pictures on our photos page!






(Zoe giving Abigail a bath!)

Zoe and her friend Katie did an amazing Science Project for their class to benefit The Last Resort.  Please read about it above! Thank you Zoe & Katie! We love you!!!





We would like to send a special thank you out to David & Kara! Rather than giving a wedding favor to all of their guests, they decided to make a generous donation to The Last Resort. Thanks guys and congratulations on your new life together!



We received a generous donation from Pat Ferrell for our Saint Bernard Mable that is currently undergoing heartworm treatment.  She is so amazing that she said she will donate 10% of your purchase to us!! Check out her website here!!! Seasons Celebrations and indicate The Last Resort anywhere on your order.  Check out their Giving Back page



 Clip Shoppe Groom & Board
2890 Route 23 South
Newfoundland, NJ 07435
Phone: 973-697-3008
Fax: 973-697-3089

Picture this....we had 6 dogs coming off a 2 day transport and going into our usual boarding facility...or so we thought! On a Friday night, we called to let our facility know we were coming with our dogs and we were told their policy had changed and they were only allowing a total of 5 rescue dogs (all rescues included) and couldn't take our dogs!!!! We were having a complete 6 pm on a Friday night, we had absolutely NO WHERE to put 2 puppies, 2 geriatric (one blind) cocker spaniels, an adorable 6 year old border collie, and one gorgeous labrador retriever all saved from death row that were arriving any hour. We called the Clip Shoppe in desperation, never having spoken to them before! SOMEONE WAS CERTAINLY WATCHING OVER US because Sandy, the owner, not only answered the phone, but welcomed our motley, travel weary guests with open arms, and waited for our transport until 11 pm at night! She drove all the way back to her facility to meet us, in the pouring rain we may add. Fortunately she had a special area to quarantine our babies away from her own guests, and set them all  up in beautiful, clean, large kennels, providing them with a loving hand, comfy beds, fresh water, and some outside time to run around and stretch their legs. All of this for a rescue group she had never heard of before. This woman's heart is pure gold! Not only that, but the very next day she had all 6 dogs groomed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, de-flea'd, smelling and looking was a doggy makeover!! ...and the cockers weren't a quick groom we might add-they were a mess! She also  had  our scared little puppies already coming out of their shell; instead of cowering in the corner they were beginning to run and play together outside, jump in our laps, and overall made the entire group of dogs feel safe and welcome. How can we ever thank someone enough for doing something like this? There really is no way, except to say thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and the tip of our doggies paws, to Sandy, her husband, and her awesome crew at the Clip Shoppe!

We also have to add...that NEVER have we been so impressed with a facility such as was so dog/cat friendly, and clean, and smelled so good you would never know dogs were housed there, every inch was organized and all about the animals and their safety and comfort. From now on, we finally have somewhere to send all of our adopters when their doggies need a grooming or need to put their precious babies in boarding for awhile with out any need to worry about their well being. Every dog there is clearly well cared for and loved on.....From people who would not ever think about boarding their dogs...we would board them there in a heartbeat!!!







Some of our drivers are hot air balloon enthusiasts and they let people go inside their balloon at the Warren County Farmers' Fair for $1 and all the proceeds went to The Last Resort.  She the great photos below!! Thanks Mary Beth & Dick!! What an awesome family you are!!!

Dear Samantha & Last Resort,
You are most welcome!  We look forward to continuing to help Last Resort with fund-raising in the future!
The credit for what was accomplished at Warren County Farmers' Fair also goes to those wonderful individuals who are part of the World's Best Balloon Crew:  Sue & Dave Lee, Kenny Adamsbaum, and Dave & Andrew Zuckerman.  On that hot July day, they are the ones who joined us to make this very special fund raiser happen!
Keep up the great work you are doing at The Last Resort!
Safe Flying,

Mary Beth & Dick Young
FAA-Certified Commercial Balloon Pilots


179 Intervale Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054


                                                                         Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum       


                                                                                    Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum


                                                                         Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum


                                                                          Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum


                                                                          Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum



                                                                          Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum


                                                                          Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum


                                                                          Photographer Kenny Adamsbaum




We received a shipment of assorted crate pads from Faelan.  What an amazing pup this is. See below: