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12/20/12 Well, here is an update. Not the greatest news but the property was sold before we were able to raise the $ to purchase it. BUT that isn't such a bad thing. We believe that it simply wasn't meant to be. The universe has something else in store for us. ALL money raised for our property will STILL BE GOING directly to purchase a property, we just aren't sure which one that is yet but we are looking!! Thank you for all your support! 

6/10/12 They countered at $145,000 with a closing of 9/15/12. We haven't countered as we need to raise a lot more to get to that point so on to continuously fundraising we go!

6/9/12   We countered at $75,000 and a closing date of 9/15/12 to give us time to raise $

6/8/12    They countered at $145,000

6/7/12    Submitted the additional paperwork!

5/26/12 Heard back that we need to submit more paperwork.  Working on that!

5/23/12 Sent in an offer of $50,000 for the property, waiting to hear back!

5/4/12   Asking price for the house just dropped to $145,900!!!!

5/3/12   Article from the Suburban Trends!




4/30/12  Article in the Suburban Trends (Here is the online version, going to try and find the actual paper and scan it in!



The Last Resort has some very exciting news that we not only want to share with you, but also ask for your help in sharing with others! Since our inception in July of 2008, it has been a dream of ours to have an independent shelter/adoption center in addition to our wonderful foster network.  After much searching, we have found a property that will function beautifully as the new home of The Last Resort!!!  


The listing price of this property is only $161,250 – nothing short of a steal in our area! It sits on 2 acres that backs to state land where we can create several trails for our volunteers to take our dogs hiking. The one neighbor to the property is not close by which makes noise from any potential barking a non-issue.   There are approximately 15 rooms that can be used as not only meet and greet rooms for adoptions, but also rooms for our long-term doggie residents.  We have had some dogs that have been in boarding now for over 2 years and this would be such a great new home for them!! We will be able to provide a whelping room for our future mommies, as well as a full quarantine area for times we are faced with illness.  There is a also a full addition that we could use for the kennels.  This property is massive. I got lost in it the first time I looked at it!! 


Unfortunately, we have just ONE small problem...  This property is bank owned and because of the condition it is in, no bank will finance a loan knowing it will not currently pass inspections. We are not at all worried about the property’s condition because it can all be remodeled, and we have many wonderful volunteers who are very handy and experienced in that field :) The problem is getting the property without being able to get a mortgage. This is where we need your help.  


We would like to turn our immediate focus towards raising the full purchase price of the property.  Although we do have $35,000 that has come from specific fundraisers to put towards our own place (ie our Tricky Tray), we would like to be able to use this money for all repairs that will be needed if we acquire the property.  The center will also need a septic system, as well as some structural repairs.  Knowing this, we want to be prudent about having enough funds to address the immediate repairs necessary to be fully functional right away.


We have so many truly dedicated supporters out there, and we are grateful for you every day.  We are asking from the bottom of our hearts and for the lives of countless animals to please help us in reaching this very attainable goal by making a tax-deductible donation towards the purchase of this property.  ANY amount, small or large, will go a long way.  This would also be a great opportunity to use any company match your employer may provide as a benefit.  I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for reading this and for supporting us throughout the years. Without each of you, The Last Resort would not even be possible.  Thanks to you we have saved 1369 homeless animals in four years and look forward to saving thousands more in the years to come.


Donors who give $500 will receive a brick on a pathway somewhere on the property with whatever name they would like on it, whether it be your own name or the name of one of your furry friends, past or present.  The top highest donors will have one of the rooms named after them.


Thank you again, as always, for your time and your support.


Here is a link to pictures of the property


Here are the multiple ways you can donate (listed in order of preference):


1. Mail a check to The Last Resort, 139 Point Breeze Drive, Hewitt, NJ 07421 (this is our preferred method as there are no fees taken out when donations are made this way) Please include your email address on the memo line so we can email you a donation receipt.


2. Paypal without them charging a fee - Here are the instructions to do so - click on Send Money, enter [email protected] as the email address, enter donation amount, click on the Personal tab and select Other, click Continue, on the bottom of the next screen you can enter a message, please put TLR New Facility, then click Send Money


3. Razoo - Here is the unique Razoo link  (they take less of a % than paypal)


4. Via ChipIn - I have created a Chip In for those of you who wish to donate that way (this will be updated with ALL donations received)


5. Paypal - I have also created a unique paypal link for those who wish to donate that way


Faithfully and Sincerely,
The Last Resort Rescue Team





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