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                                 Opie - The perfect boy!



Always something to sniff! That brown fur on his back is now all gone and his fur has grown back in from the surgery so his coat is now darker and even.

Working on a giant bone! We have decided that tomorrow is his birthday. We love him so much and are so happy to have him! I'll try to take another video of him running. He's so fast, it's really wonderful. It makes me so happy to see. Thank you so much for rescuing him. He's the sweetest most wonderful dog and I feel lucky to have him!  


Despite picking out the largest bed in the store, it seems Murphy decided it wasn't big enough. So he took the egg crate bed in his crate and made an extension of his xl bed. 


 The three of us at the balto statue in central park.


Sleeping with floppy ears...


Playing on the rocks and in the waterfall by our home...


  Here's Murphy with one of his favorite toys, a wrench. I am glad I'm not the only one in the family that loves tools!


First trip to montauk point. He did the trail on the big rocks around the point without hesitation.  




A note from Opie/Murphy's adopter:


Murphy is doing great!  He has gotten even better at getting around, and now he is a straight up pro.  The vet was pointing out to one of his helpers how smart Murphy is because he stands with his front legs staggered, not side by side.  He runs faster than me, climbs up and down steep rocky slopes, and is just happy overall. He likes to try and catch moths in his mouth when we go to the bird sanctuary by our home which is really cute!  Everyone in town loves him and people even stop their cars to yell "Hey Murphy!" when we walk by!  Also, we've been going to obedience classes together and his graduation is tomorrow. 

I will send you some photos soon- our computer has been weird so I need Nate to work some magic, but I will get them to you. The page looks great!  I am so grateful to everyone who did so much to save this wonderful dog's life.  In some ways, I've gotten so used to how sweet he is and how well adjusted he is, I sometimes forget that he ever had anything bad happen to him.  I can't believe he was so close to being killed, and how rough things were for him.  To see that picture of him lying there in pain breaks my heart, but seeing the photos of him in the airplane reminds me how great people can be.  He is such a great dog and we love him so! 


An update from Opie's adopters:

So far so good!  He's really good with going to the bathroom outside, loves everyone he meets and doesn't seem to care about the cat at all.  The cat, however, is spending all her time under the bed.  She did come out to investigate last night and got within 2 yards of the dog, so I was proud of her for that.  We baby gated Opie (still to be re-named, too similar to my mom's dog Obie) last night with some cushions, newspaper and a sweatshirt the cat had been sleeping on (I read if you take something they each sleep on and swap it between the two animals they get used to their scents together).  He whined a bit at first, but then was good all night long, even during the thunder!  He's already torn apart the only toy I had for him, so now we're just waiting for the store to open to get him some more (He keeps eying Nate's new running shoes).




Opie made his trip to NJ in his very first plane ride!!! After several failed attempts because of inclement weather, the day finally arrived!!! Opie was coming home to NJ!!!!  I want to send a special thank you to Julia, Clark, John, Art & Frank, the pilots who made this all possible!  Linda too even though she didn't get to actually fly Opie.  There was inclement weather in VA and Frank had to overnight Opie for a few days until the weather cleared up and rather than meeting Linda in south Jersey, he flew Opie all the way to me and arrived at Caldwell airport on 6/1/09!!  Here are some pictures of Opies air adventure!!


Here are photos Samantha took of Opie's arrival at the Caldwell Airport in NJ.

Opie's plane arriving!! How exciting!!!


Opie's plane landing!!!

Airport personnel directing the plane in!!



Opie pulling up with Frank!!


Almost!!! Amazing!!


He's finally here!!!



So nice to finally meet you my sweet Opie!!


Where we going?


A long ride!!!


So cute!


Look at that smile!!!






Meeting everyone at Samantha's work!


Samantha & Opie!



And such an absolute love!



Here are photos of Opie's overnight stay at Frank's, the pilot from Louisa, VA to Caldwell, NJ.



Here are photos from John, the pilot from Jasper, GA to Greensboro, NC

 He said:


I’m home safe and sound.  Opie did fine for me, although he preferred the floorboard to the crate.  There was also some excitement at the Greensboro airport around a baby deer that wander onto the airport.  Hopefully, the rest of flight went as smooth.

Just let me know when there’s another one in the Charlotte area.




Here are photos taken by Kim, Opie's foster mom, when she dropped him off at the airport, she said:

Thank you to all that made this possible for Opie!!  Hope you enjoy the photos!










Updates from Opie's foster mom kept on coming! And they were nothing but good!! How Opie was a great dog!! Super sweet, housebroken, crate trained, just a wonderful dog all around! And he was having no problems maneuvering on 3 legs!! He sometimes ran faster than her 4 legged pets!  Here are some pictures of Opie along with his foster siblings!!




Here was our second update:

Hey All ,
Our sweet little Opie is doing great! Only 6 days after his amputation surgery he is up and running around outside. The doctor reported that shortly after the surgery he was up in his cage and wagging his tail for the first time since being hit by a car.  He is young and strong and recovering very quickly ! He is now in foster with a wonderful woman named Kim ( in GA) She says he has very much adapted to life on 3 legs and is just a MUSH!
We are in the process of arranging a flight for him to NJ and once he arrives he will need a foster home here ......
ANY VOLUNTEERS to foster him while we await his forever family to be found???
We will keep you all updated as more info comes in ....
Thanks again to all who helped us help him !
Here are some pics of him



As soon as we found out the Opie's leg needed to be amputated, we contacted  Animal Rescue Flights to arrange a transport up to NJ. We thought this would be the safest way for Opie to travel after amputation.  What an amazing group of people!!! Thank you Julia & Clark for setting everything up!!


This was the first update we sent out:

Hey all ,
Ok so a brief update on our poor little Opie. Thanks to all of your help, Opie spent the day at the vet today down in Georgia near the shelter we rescued him fr om. Unfortunately, his x-rays revealed that he has a severely broken leg just above his knee joint and also extensive soft tissue damage. He has had some good pain medication and is resting comfortably tonight on a soft cage bed at the hospital. He seems to be quite the little trooper as per the vet. Unfortunately due to the delayed medi cal attention while waiting in the shelter for rescue and the location of the break, the vets feel that it would be in his best interests to amputate his leg. 
Of course, just in case, we are having the digital x-rays sent to one of our vets here in NJ via email first thing tomorrow to confirm this decision. The surgery cannot wait till Monday and is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon when they will remove his hind leg from the hip socket. I personally have assisted this exact surgery multiple times over the years and I will say that they usually recover very quic kly and adapt quite well to life on 3 legs.
We have arranged a foster home in Georgia where Opie can recuperate from his surgery until he is well enough to travel up here to us in NJ.
Please everyone,  keep Opie in your thoughts tomorrow!!!
We will send out another update soon!
Thanks again to ALL of you he is safe and getting the desperately need treatment that he needs, without your kindness this poor boy would still be sitting in a cage in a Ga shelter broken and in terrible pain.....awaiting a VERY unimaginable fate!!!!
Without you we could not have saved him !!!


Within minutes we had our first donation! We were able to raise enough money to have Opie brought to the vet and be examined by a vet. 


We sent out the following email plea so we could help Opie!!

Please Help Opie!! OMG 

Poor, sweet 11-mo-old boy was hit by a car and brought to the shelter. He needs medical help and rescue ASAP. He is super friendly. His spirits are good, despite his injury and obvious pain. He cannot walk and is sitting in a cage at the shelter awaiting for someone to bring him to a vet and fix his leg so he can walk again. He is in danger of being euthanized if we can't get him out asap.
The Last Resort really wants to help him but we are DANGEROUSLY low on funds and cannot save him without additional donations, if each of you can even give a dollar will help save him. We will send the funds directly to the vet that will treat him.

The Last Resort Rescue



We received the below email about an injured dog who was sitting in a shelter with a broken leg.


Please help...injured pup!

042209 004 - Poor, sweet 11-mo-old boy was hit by a car. He needs additional medical help and rescue ASAP. He is super friendly. His spirits are good, despite his injury.
This very sweet dog is in need of immediate vetting and rescue! He will have to be saved ASAP or PTS. He is at  high kill shelter just north of Atlanta! Please help him live!! 
NOTE: The pup must have a rescue lined up ASAP, but can stay at the shelter a couple days longer if needed. Free transport to Atlanta provided. + transport to the NE available
NOTE: If you are not able to provide rescue but can donate sponsor $$ for his vetting, please go to, indicate that this is a donation for the injured pup.
Please e-mail or call ASAP as the shelter will not hold this pup past Friday, 4/25. Your rescue help is very much appreciated!