The Last Resort
Animal Rescue

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Meet Our Team!

Nancy Warner

President and Founder of The Last Resort                                                   


Nancy has been a Veterinary Technician and Animal Rescuer for 25 years. She has more than two decades of experience in the rescue world.  Personally she has rescued, rehabbed and re homed hundreds of homeless, orphaned and injured animals over the years. From a young age, it was clear that she had a divine connection with all creatures great and small. She has been saving, healing and protecting them since she was a child.

A vet tech and wildlife rehabber for many years she soon learned the sad reality of our shelter system and the horrible fate that most dogs suffered when ending up in these shelters. She learned about the gas chamber and the astounding numbers of animal being gassed in the U.S. every day! She took it upon herself to act. To do anything and everything in her power to help as many as possible. She started rescuing dogs and horses out of her home in the early 90's. Building a small network of animal lovers to help on occasion. She would often get a call in the wee hours of the morning about an animal the next day's kill list with the person on the other line saying "you’re my last resort"!! 

Nancy has dedicated over 2 decades to the welfare and well-being of all animals and has the skills and experience necessary to ensure all the animals in our charge get the care and rehabilitation they so desperately need and deserve.


Mindy Whisman 

Vice President 

CEO / Maryland Chapter


We first met Mindy when she applied to adopt a husky from us in November 2011. And since then she has adopted 2 more from us! She was one of our favorite adopters of all time and a fellow lover of huskies! Mindy wanted to pitch in and help wherever she could. She offered to volunteer in whatever capacity she could from a distance. Because Mindy lives in Maryland, there wasn't too much opportunity to help with hands on stuff here in NJ. We started working with Mindy to help us with screening adoption applications. It was immediately clear that Mindy was more than capable of doing that and that she was ready, willing and able to do so much more! Eager to save lives and committed to the rescue cause, Mindy wanted to focus on saving some of the dogs in her local high kill shelter in MD. Since then Mindy has single-handedly built a foster base and has worked diligently to develop and administrate a whole new division of The Last Resort in the Metro MD area. She has saved hundreds of dogs already. She quickly become a very crucial member of our team. We are so very grateful to have her on board. And proud to announce she is now Vice president and CEO of our Maryland Division.